Monday, July 22, 2013

Steamtown Training week 7

Back to a normal Monday-Sunday setup over here. The weather turned especially unpleasant this week. It had been normal unpleasant, and suddenly it decided to really embrace Summer and all its triple-digit heat index glory. It's been great.

Again, my stepback week was perfectly timed, this time with weather as opposed to work travel. Longer weekday runs (6 miles instead of 3 like last week) but also a nice short long run to look forward to. 7 miles? Psh! Oh wait, it's horrible out and 7 miles is sufficient to venture into life-hating mode? Great. Luckily, the one day I made it outside, off the treadmill, was my long run day, and the weather was mild. It even rained pleasantly the last 3 miles of my run and I was in heaven. I did one extra mile as a way of celebration.

Victories: stepback! I'll call that my victory, even though it's designed into the training plan. Mine mine mine. I can feel a distinct difference in how sprightly my legs feel when I don't do any speedwork during the week.
Failures: Lotsa treadmill. Lotsa heat.

Monday: HIIT (sort of. One set of tabatas was pushups, one was crunches, another squats... definitely more strength than cardio)
Tuesday: 6.25 miles on the tmill- 5 @ 6.5, 1 @ 6.6 plus cooldown
Wednesday: 17.3 mi biking @ 17 mph
Thursday: 6.35 on tmill, 4 @ 6.5, 1 @ 6.6, 1 @ 6.7 plus cooldown
Friday: 6.45 on tmill in 59 mins -  3 @ 6.5, 1 @ 6.6, 1 @ 6.7, 1 @ 6.8, 0.2 @ 6.9 plus cd
Saturday: off
Sunday:  8 miles outside@ 8:37

Totals:  27 running, 17 biking, 1 HIIT

I have talked about my love/love relationship with treadmill running. For me it's just so much easier to drag myself to the basement, where the worst I have to deal with is a few enormous cave crickets, versus running outside where there are flying bugs and the rotting carcasses of at least 5 small animals. Plus honking/swerving/obscenely yelling cars/drivers, wind, exhaust, sun, cigarette butts. On every run. I have started to dread it big time. The roadkill is probably my least favorite part, because I don't really have an option but to look at the dead animal and figure out how I'm going to go around it, whether it's a leap-over sort of situation or if I can leisurely wander around it. In the case of huge, stinky deer, I have to time my breathing so I'm not inhaling deeply as I pass by. It's icky. I'm a princess, I know, people run uphill both ways through snow/heat/manure and they love it! Well, that's great. I don't love it.

This is all to say, I know I need to run outside more than 25% of the time, but this week, that didn't happen, and I'm super happy about it. My 8 mile "long run" ended up being gorgeous perfection (drizzle!), and I had rainbows sprouting from my feet, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't have rather been zoning out to Glee at a perfectly controlled 9 min/mile pace instead with a water bottle easily within reach and a fan on my back. I'm a shameless indoors girl.

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