Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Steamtown Training Week 6

Victories: heyyyy I can run 5 miles at 8 min/mile. And then die. Obviously, doing that 5 times in a row will be no problem come marathon time! Kidding. I'm terrified. 
Failures: Long runs: I'm doing it wrong.

(Monday included on last week)
Tuesday: 3 miles with Nick @ 8:34
Wedneday: 26.8 miles biking @ 17.6
Thursday: w/u 1.0 @ 6.0, 5.0 @ 7.5 (UGH), 1.0 @ 6.5, c/d, 7.25 in 1:02
Friday: 3.3 outside @ 8:09
Saturday: 12 miles outside. First 10 straight, then 2 run/walk. Average pace: 9:24
Sunday: off!

Totals: 25.5 mi in 4 runs, 26.8 miles biking. Not enough hours sleeping.

On one hand, hooray, I'm running double digits in July, and it's still 3 months till the marathon! On the other hand, I ran 14 miles almost a month ago, and that went just fine! I didn't fade or feel sick or anything. It was long, but it was, overall, a non-event. Last week I switched my long run to Monday, and died after 9 miles. It was miserable, but I figured this week would be better. Instead, I pep-talked myself into making it just 10 miles this week, plus another 2 of run/walking. I know I was a little fast in the early miles, so that probably/definitely contributed to fading. Other than that, I have no idea why it was so crappy. I think one contributor is the jump in distance/speedwork that my body isn't quite used to. I've also been stressing about my "wedding reception" (which is now, thankfully, over) and sleep has been hard to come by. I am a major princess about sleep, if I don't get 7-8 hours I feel generally icky. Blahblahblah never have kids, then you'll know sleeplessness! I KNOW. HUSH. 

Anywho. I'm gonna keep on trucking with my training plan, but forgive myself a few miles of long runs. It's still early, I will be ready by October. Confidence.

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