Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Steamtown training Week 5

Victories: Lack of injuries (so far, fingers crossed, blah blah blah jinxing doesn't exist)
Failures: I am hungry all the time.

Monday: HIIT with Nick
Tuesday: treadmill 3.5 @ 6.5 plus cooldown. 3.75 total in 35:50
Wednesday: bike 18.2 in 1:05 (16.8 mph- it rained toward the end so we cut it a little short)
Thursday: treadmill- w/u 1 @ 6.0, 3x (1.05 @ 8.0, 0.5 @ 5.0) plus another 1 x 0.5 @ 8.0, then cooldown. 6.65 in 60 - I didn't die, so I added another half interval. I DEVIATED FROM THE PLAN.
Friday: 3.7 miles outside at 8:07 pace, sort of on accident
Saturday: off
Sunday: off
Monday (carrying over from the weekend...): 10 miles on the Rail Trail I do not want to talk about time.

Total: 24.1 miles run, 18.2 miles bike, 1 x HIIT

Two things I dread: speedwork and long runs. I'm such a good runner, aren't I? The last few weeks I've realized that the speedwork on my training plan is actually not too terrible. 4 miles @ 8 min for tempos and 3 x 1 mile repeats @ 7:30. Not easy, but not hard. And then I looked at next week's schedule-- I add a mile to the tempos. I am already anticipating how much that will suck. So now I'm dreading a workout several days away. That's healthy.

I would rather not say anything about my long run. It didn't happen over the weekend because Saturday is my planned rest day anyways (and I had a haircut, visit with a friend, and a Nationals game all before 5pm), and Sunday was just a bust.
I call this composition "Sweaty people and Palm" because we're sweaty and I still haven't figured out how to take a selfie without photographing the inside of my hand. 

 I had planned all week to move my long run to Monday, because I'm moving this week's to Monday, because running 20 miles and getting any sort of enjoyment out of my wedding reception cannot coexist in my mind. Well, Monday afternoon rolled around and I started feeling like maybe it was not such a good idea to wait. I was tired, my stomach felt terrible (eating pizza 2 days in a row makes me sick? Surprise!), and it was hot and humid. I still got everything together, drove to the trail, and got down to business. My first few miles felt ok and I tried to focus on controlling my breathing while listening to a riveting This American Life about being a pimp in the 70's. It was seriously good, and it got me through the first hour of my run. Once that was over though, I was doneskis. I realized that the dots I kept seeing flit through my vision were sweat droplets coming from my hat. Then it started to rain FROM MY HAT. It was a light drizzle, but it was still rain. From my hat. I dropped a gel twice before being able to open it because my hands were dripping. I had been drinking like a... something.. no good simile here.. drinking like a very thirsty person?... all day at work, and felt well hydrated, and then I think I sweated everything out within that first hour. I hit a wall some kind of awful. Luckily (NOT), I had planned to be back at my car at the halfway point so I could swap water bottles. I got back to my car, slipped and slid while trying to get a new bottle in my holder, and basically gave up on life. I was looking at 80+ more minutes of running and I could not do it. I tried run/walking but only managed another mile.

While I will complain about the physical side of the heat and humidity, I have to admit that my mental game was at an epic low. I think if I had run a regular out and back, instead of returning to my car, I would have been slightly better, although I don't know if I would have finished. Having the built-in cop out point gave me an excuse to stop. I was slowing down as much as possible, and trying to keep forward motion, but my head wasn't in it, so I let myself fade.

After the run, I felt like a major failure. I went to the grocery store and ignored how terrible I must smell and the fact that it was now raining from my shorts, fingertips, and my hat (the grocery is on the way home, so it made sense to go there before changing. I promise). Some guy in a shirt that said "Fart Loading" almost ran his cart into me, and I had a moment of relief. I might be leaving a salty sweat slick in my path, but at least I wasn't That Guy. 

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