Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sitting is bad for you.

Subtitle: Duh.
Subtitle 2: Pedometer challenge!

So everyone knows that sitting is bad for you. Which sounds like a terribly obvious statement, but now that there are tons of studies to back it up, people are getting their shorts in a bunch about how office workers will all DIE EARLY, GRUESOME DEATHS (even if they exercise regularly outside of work). I am an avid member of that alarmist mob, especially after completing the pedometer challenge I wrote about weeks ago. It was an 8 week challenge put on by my company, where employees had to log 30,000 steps a week to complete it satisfactorily, and then there were bonus challenges on top of that. The bonuses increased each week, and the last week's target was 70,000 steps. Luckily, other activities satisfy the challenge as well, so I wasn't rushing to walk 10,000 steps a day, I could also log biking minutes and running minutes (the pedometer did not work well when running) and convert them to steps. Magic.

Now that the challenge is over, I find myself using the bathroom closest to me, filling up a cup with water as opposed to walking to the water fountain for a drink at a time, and not hauling myself out to other buildings to see coworkers. In short, I have returned to my natural state of sloth. And it is glorious. Just kidding. Sort of. I notice my lower back (which is still being ridiculous) hurts significantly more after sitting all day. Post-workout soreness is heightened by post-workout laziness. My workplace is a bunch of fairly spread out buildings, so it's not hard to go see someone instead of emailing or calling. Although if I'm wearing a skirt, it does mean putting on pants and close-toed shoes, which is sometimes just too much to ask.

I have looked into standing desks and treadmill desks. Look how happy she is at her standing desk!

So happy! I think a standing desk is the way to go, because treadmill walking and trying to type would be a disaster for me. I slid down the stairs just this morning because my sandals were slippery. I can't be trusted with a treadmill desk.

But really, walking more is the first step (PUN ALERT). The habits that helped me log enough steps for our work challenge were sometimes silly (making extra trips up and down the stairs with laundry... bleh) but often reinforced other healthy habits (drink tons of water so I need to pee more often... win-win!). In the interest of not dying an early death, I think I'll walk a little more.

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