Monday, July 1, 2013

June totals

Well this is different... look at all these miles!

June 1: "5K" (only 2.78 miles by my watch) in 20:12 plus another mile to cool down = 3.78 total
June 2: Off
June 3 (marathon training day 1): elliptical 41 min plus upper body weights + some squats
June 4: Run 5 outside, 8:30 average. Went too fast. My bad.
June 5: Bike ride- 21 miles in 1:18ish. 16mph
June 6 (first marathon speedwork!): 6.25 total 55:56- 1 w/u @ 6.5, 3 x 1.0 @ 8.0 with 0.5 @ 5.0 jog then 1.0 @ 6.5 and c/d
June 7: Early morning 4.30 on the treadmill - 4.05 @ 6.4 (9:22 pace) plus c/d
June 8: off. Lots of mall walking.
June 9: 12 miles in 1:50:15 (9:14 pace)
June 10: off- run all the errands!
June 11: 4.1 miles outside, 34:32 (8:27 pace)
June 12: bike 20.7 in 1:07. 18.5 mph
June 13: Warm-up mile at 6.0, 4 miles at 7.5 (8 min/mile), 1 mile at 6.5 plus cooldown. 6.25
June 14: 4.2 miles outside 36:31
June 15: bike 28.5 miles @ 15.3 average,
June 16: Run 14 outside in 2:07:40 (9:05)
June 17: HIIT 20 mins with Nick
June 18: 6.1 miles outside, 52:55 (~8:40 pace)
June 19: 30 mins elliptical, 15 mins stationary bike
June 20: treadmill 2.5 @ 6.4 + 2.6 @ 6.5 = 6.15 in 49 mins
June 21: outside 5.1 @ 8:45
June 22: off
June 23: outside 6.2 @ 8:34
June 24: HIIT by myself... 35ish minutes
June 25: 3.28 in 27 min (~8:14 pace)
June 26: bike 26.7 1:32 (17.3 mph avg)
June 27: tempo- 1.0@6.0, 4.1@7.5, 1.1@6.5 then cooldown. 6.45 in 56:00
June 28: 5.0 @ 6.5 plus cooldown. 5.25 in 49
June 29: off
June 30: 16 miles in 2:33 (9:35/mi)- not my best work

June totals: 114.41 miles in 17 runs, 2 x elliptical, 2 x HIIT, 96.89 miles in 4 rides
Year total: 486 miles

I'll write about my most recent long run in my training recap. Overall, I'm super, super pleased with this month. I've never run this much (highest month this year was 95 miles, and I'm pretty sure last year, pre-marathon, I was barely running this much), and the mileage will only creep up from here. I don't have any injuries so far (SO FAR, running gods, don't strike me down for my hubris, I know I could fall apart at any minute), the most I've had is soreness (mostly from HIIT and some long run soreness) and tiny little tweaks. WHO AM I? I will give credit where credit is due: I have 2 pairs of Mizuno Wave Riders that I bought fairly recently and do my best to rotate. I am in love with my shoes. Having the proper shoes that are in good shape is essential for me, especially given my history of lower leg aches/pains/injuries. I'm also cross training consistently and religiously taking rest days. Just need to keep this up for 104 more days...

Now that it's July, the weather is officially horrendous here. Yesterday's long run wasn't hot (it was only ~80) but it was so sticky I was actively dripping, like a light rain shower, from my limbs, my shirt and my shorts. My shoes and socks were also soaked, which is unusual for me (I then tried to let my clothes dry outside, but it was so humid outside they just stayed damp for 8 hours. Yum). I fear this means I will need to do a couple of things: 1) more treadmill (just kidding, I don't fear this at all, you know I love the treadmill) and 2) morning runs (this I am actually terrified by). Since I need to be at work at 7 or earlier + 30 minute commute + normal morning stuff (lunch, shower) + 5 or 6 mile (1 hour) run + 15 minutes to wake up, drink water, get dressed = waking up at 4:30. Sigh. I know people do it, and I know they do that for reasons other than convenience, like children or job obligations. But how are these people getting reasonable amount of sleep!? I don't like it. Not one bit. I know it's necessary for training, and since I'm actually serious about this marathon, I'll do it, but I worry I'll turn into a terrible person out of the combo of sleep deprivation/hunger/lots of running. This is my warning to my readers and my family that if I become (more) awful in the next couple months, it's because of morning running. Really. 

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