Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I swear my life is interesting.

Really! It's so interesting, but somehow I never have anything to write about aside from running and CSAs. I swear there's more to me than vegetables and exercise... although I'm pretty sure most people who know me would beg to differ.

I had my "wedding reception" last Saturday and I'm just so happy it's over. I dreaded that party. I didn't want to do it, I wanted to just celebrate our marriage by myself in the privacy of my own home. Apparently it doesn't count as a celebration if you celebrate it by watching endless Netflix and eating chocolate chips. Lame. The people who love you want to be with you and eat, drink, and be merry with newly wedded people? Ugh, people! I'm only sort of kidding.
I spent the whole day making this face.

The weather was beautiful. We'd had rain all week and the weather was shaping up to be gross that afternoon, but the clouds miraculously cleared and it was a perfect, sunny, warm day. 

Too bad I was stressed out the entire time. A lot of things just didn't work out the way I had hoped.. the tables weren't set up... it was breezy and the flowers all fell over... the beers we were promised didn't arrive... the tents weren't set up the right way... our bartender was also a caterer we rejected (awkward!). Basically, I felt like everything was a mess. I ended up setting up tables 45 minutes before guests were supposed to arrive! If it had actually been my wedding day, I would have thrown an epic fit. Instead, I threw half a fit, cried, and hid by myself and opened gifts. I'm a class act. 
COOLEST GIFT EVER! I had been crying, but this made me happy. Thanks Tiffany!!!

In the end, no one died. Everyone got food. Everyone had drinks. It was fine. I really wish I could have enjoyed myself a little more, because it was so nice to have people I don't get to see too often around, and I realized the next day that I definitely didn't get to talk to people as much as I would have liked. Oh well, maybe I'll be one of those women who renews her vows in 5 years and throws a ridiculous party. I'll rewear my wedding dress and everything. Class. Act. 

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