Monday, June 24, 2013

Steamtown Training Week 3

Subtitle: working out while traveling is tricky. Duh.

I don't really have anything groundbreaking to say about working out while on travel aside from it sucks. It's inconvenient and there's too much to do and you're tired and running in new neighborhoods is weird (and fascinating, but mostly weird). That's the sum of my insight. VERY luckily, my first "step back" training week (seems soon to have a stepback considering it's just week 3, but if someone tells me to run less, I will listen. Always.) landed on the week I was on travel. VERY unluckily, I overslept, had a long drive to the airport, shuttle ride, 2 delayed flights, and a rental car commute in traffic before I finally got to my hotel on my first travel day. I was a zombie by the time I got in, and I was starving. I had a very important decision- option 1: lay facedown on crisp hotel room sheets until I woke up the next day. Option 2: order copious amounts of Indian food from the place 100 yards away. Option 3: find somewhere to run in my unfamiliar neighborhood, then do Option 2, followed by Option 1. I chose Option 3, because it is, literally and figuratively, the sum of 1 and 2. I ran in circles from my hotel and the blocks surrounding, winding my way around neighborhoods and shopping centers. It was not the most exciting run, but it worked. And I was legitimately proud of myself for sucking it up and getting the run in after 15 hours of being awake and traveling. It definitely helped that I have this marathon hanging over me, and the promise of Indian food when I was done. I want to succeed 

Victories: Low mileage feels like I'm cheating at something. Feeling rested and happy is nice during marathon training. My "long run" was 6 miles, which is awesome and also ridiculous feeling at the same time. It worked out super well because I went to a party on Saturday night and was able to sleep in and run late in the day on Sunday. I win at planning! Of course, how many miles do I have to run the day after our reception (which is terrifyingly soon, just 3 weeks away)? 20. I have to run for 3 hours the day after celebrating my marriage. HATE. 
Failures: More sleep would be good. I would also benefit from being a little more careful with eating because I've felt horrible all week.

Monday: HIIT 20 mins with Nick
Tuesday: 6.1 miles outside, 52:55 (~8:40 pace)
Wednesday: 30 mins elliptical, 15 mins stationary bike
Thursday: tmill 2.5 @ 6.4 + 2.6 @ 6.5 = 5.15 in 49 mins
Friday: 5.1 with Nick (!!!!) @ 8:45
Saturday: off
Sunday: outside 6.22 @ 8:34

Total: 22.55 miles, 1 elliptical, one HIIT (yeah I know it's not a lot of miles. I'll be ok.)

A highlight of the week was running with Nick! He's taken several weeks off from running because he's had shin pain and he got worried about potentially having a stress fracture. He got an MRI and it's not a stress fracture, so he was clear to run again. Yay! Maybe 5 miles was a little much right off the bat, but we took it pretty easy and he was particularly careful about going down hills (which can aggravate shin pain). It was so nice to have my running partner back! I might have talked his ear off. If he immediately starts having shin pain again, I'll know it's because I cannot shut up when I finally have someone to talk to besides the animals alongside the road. 

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