Monday, June 17, 2013

Steamtown Training Week 2

Week 2 is done! I still need to slow down. I know this. It is not hard, really, "I love running slow!" is what Old Me would have said. It's just when I'm hot and it's relatively late and I want to be home and working on dinner, running a little faster means that I can be eating dinner 4 minutes faster. And that's 4 fewer minutes of me being hungry. And then New Me just runs "fast" and running slow doesn't seem like fun anymore. I'm actually more comfortable (maybe? too soon to say this? am I jinxing myself and making my legs fall off) around an 8:30 pace for shorter runs. The SmartCoach plan has me at 9:30ish for all my runs except the tempo work... yeah..... I'm not there. 

This week also featured 2 longer-for-me bike rides. I really enjoy biking as a social activity, but I'm not super fast. The 18.5 mph ride I did with a work group on Wednesday is pretty much the fastest I will ever go. The ride on Saturday was BEAUTIFUL, in Howard County. My dad is doing a bike race up there in a couple weeks and he wanted to scout out the course, so Nick and I went along. It turned out to be a great ride but very hilly! My dad was smart and had us take it easier so I didn't kill my legs. I think that's the longest ride I've ever been on, and I survived. Success.

I'm also getting wicked hungry. Every day. I'm trying to keep eating under control and using MyFitness Pal like it's the Bible, but it's hard to not eat everything in sight. My stomach is being tempermental, as always, so I'm balancing the desire to eat everything with the realization that it'll probably make me feel gross. I end up eating a lot of Larabars. Saturday my lunch actually consisted of a Larabar, a Clif bar, peanuts and an apple. Then I was still hungry so I got salt and vinegar chips and it made my life. Then I biked for 2 hours? I probably need to work on fueling... 

Mistakes: Still too fast. But on my long run, during which slow pace is of utmost importance, I was able to maintain pretty well around 9 min/mile (although I did slow down in the second half, which was a slight uphill the whole way so I'm totally justified. I can justify anything.)

Victories: Tempo run just about killed me, but didn't. You mean I have to run an entire marathon close to the pace I ran those 4 miles? That's humbling.

Monday: day off. Ran errands and ate Thai for dinner. It was a workout for my tastebuds
Tuesday: 4.1 miles outside, 8:27 pace (still too fast. I'm lame)
Wednesday: Bike 20.7 in 1:07, 18.5 mph
Thursday (speedwork- Tempo run!): Warm-up mile at 6.0, 4 miles at 7.5 (8 min/mile), 1 mile at 6.5 plus cooldown. 6.25 
Friday: 4.2 miles outside 36:31, 8:34 pace
Saturday: bike 28.5 miles @ 15.3 mph average (this was a lot of biking for the day before a long run...) 
Sunday: Run 14 outside in 2:07:40 (9:05, felt pretty great)

Totals: 28.55 miles running, 49.2 miles biking... I swear I'm not secretly training for a duathlon

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