Monday, June 10, 2013

Steamtown Training Week 1

The SmartCoach plan that I'm trying to follow/loosely following/should probably listen to has 4 days a week of running, with the other days as "rest/XT." I'm going to use one of the XT days to lead a bike ride with coworkers (Wednesday), and another one I'm going to either bike (if the stars align) or elliptical/strength train. Third rest/XT day will be total rest. Since long run days are Sundays, I figured it would be good to have my total rest day be the day prior (Saturday), elliptical/strength be the day after to shake out my legs (Monday).

I'm a revolutionary.

So here's week 1. I'm overall happy. I don't think any of the workouts were a shock to my system yet, although the morning after the speedwork my quads were super duper tight. And not tight in a good way (that's tight, yo!), tight in an ugh my muscles aren't long enough for my bones sort of way.

Mistakes: Too fast. Next week, more slowness.
Victories: I was worried the speedwork would be too hard. It was hard, but just hard enough I think. I can definitely see this helping me improve.

Monday: elliptical and upper body weights (good start)
Tuesday: 5 miles outside, 8:30 pace (TOO FAST STOP IT)
Wednesday: Bike 21 mi, 1:18 (just fine. keep doing that. also, I didn't run on zOMG National Running Day. Sue me.)
Thursday (first marathon speedwork!): 6.25 total 55:56- 1 w/u @ 6.5, 3 x 1.0 @ 8.0 with 0.5 @ 5.0 jog then 1.0 @ 6.5 and c/d
Friday: Run 4.05 plus c/d @ 6.4.
Saturday: rest
Sunday: long run! 12 miles in 1:50:15 (9:14 pace, and it was 81 degrees and humid, so how I even managed this I don't know). I felt pretty good on this run, really didn't start wanting it to be over until the last 3 miles or so. Fastest mile was 8:31, slowest was 9:36. Consistency is not something I'm good with. That's what these 18 weeks are for...

Totals: 27.55 miles running , 21 miles biking, one day elliptical

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