Tuesday, June 25, 2013

CSA Week 4

Week 4 sort of felt lost because I was out of town when Nick picked it up, then was super busy all weekend. We got: onions, cabbage, green beans, adorable little cucumbers, radishes, and black cherry tomatoes.
Nick arranges the veggies more attractively than I do.

The tomatoes were eaten straight and I died of happiness. They were tender and delicious. I had never seen black cherry tomatoes before (they were quite a bit darker than they look in the picture), and they looked a little funky, but the flavor was great. The green beans were steamed and eaten alongside dinner. The cabbage and onion will be made into another coleslaw (who am I, liking coleslaw all of a sudden!?). The cucumbers are currently being turned into pickles on our counter. I'm pretty concerned about eating fermented veggies, but Nick found an Alton Brown recipe, with instructions, that seemed pretty straightforward and he put them together. I'm excited because I love pickles, but nervous because I don't love food poisoning.

And radishes... it seems every week there's something that stumps me. I am thinking about putting them in the coleslaw, but they're "bitey" and I don't want the coleslaw to be too spicy since last time it was a big hit. I have such First World problems. There's a lot of other ways to eat radishes that involve delicious, creamy dressing, but Nick's not a fan of creamy stuff so I'm not sure. They'll probably end up in the coleslaw simply because I am lazy. Let's not lie to ourselves.

I reflected this week about how the CSA has effected us. I'm not sure it has been quite as beneficial as I was hoping. I definitely had thought we'd be buying minimal veggies each week and saving tons of money. But I am such a stickler for eating the same thing for lunch and having a green salad with dinner every night, it's been hard for me to have the CSA veggies replace my regularly scheduled veggie eating times. The most exciting things have been whole new meals like scallion pancakes and the beet/onion/balsamic dish I made last week. Also, having great, fresh green beans makes not having a salad totally ok. Doesn't mean I don't still want a salad, I'm just trying to be more relaxed about it. It's been tricky to adjust things like the amount of greens we buy too, since I normally just grab a huge shoebox sized box each week. I don't want food to go to waste, so I end up eating ridiculously large salads toward the end of the week. Net consumption/cost is still the same. Sigh. Again, these are all great problems to have ("My veggies are so abundant and I have such easy access to the grocery store!"), but somehow the weekly deliveries are becoming another thing to deal with, instead of something to enjoy. Lame. 

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