Monday, June 24, 2013


I got to go to Palo Alto for work last week, and I fell in love with the California weather. Not so much the gas prices, but the weather was phenomenal. When I left Maryland on Tuesday morning, it was already 75 degrees and 80% humidity. I got sweaty walking to the car. Typical Maryland summer. I arrived at the San Francisco at 4pm and it was a delightful 65 with low humidity. I understand why people pay lots of money to live there.

Here's some random pictures from my stay.
Saw this in-airport nap area at the Dallas airport. Where was this when Nick and I were in Bangkok and desperately needed a shower? 

I visited the Google campus and geeked out. They have bikes! Adorable, Google-logo colored bikes. And I saw a lot of people actually using them.

I really took a picture of the map (the Google Map, if you will) because I was so excited

There were Teslas (and lots of other electric vehicles) everywhere. These were both at the Google headquarters, plugged in. Super cool.

I just love how laid back these bars sound... you know, just eat them whenever! Whenever you feel like it! Also, the Qookies below them? Would not eat something called Qookie. But that might be my future daughter's name.

I cut off all my hair again! I look dubious about it, but it turned out pretty good. 

During my day of pampering while waiting for a very late flight. I also got my nails and toes done. This was the most relaxed I have been since... 2003?

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