Monday, May 13, 2013

Regularly scheduled programming.

I still have a couple of wedding/NZ posts, but we'll talk about running briefly. If you look at my workout log, it's really not exceptional. It does not really look like the log of someone trying to PR in a half marathon in 2 weeks. I should probably re-evaluate that goal.

Here's the highlight of the weekend.

Actually just the first 7 miles were a highlight. The last 2.5 were obviously a struggle. Even before I started the run/walk portion my pace was draggggggggggging (see the time between 50:00 and 1:06- late mile 6, early mile 7). It was gorgeous weather. I had a big breakfast (banana, 2 eggs, cereal, coffee), let it settle, then drank a bunch of water before heading out. Nick joined me for the first 4 miles, which were a 2 mile out-and-back. There was a bit of a headwind on the way out, but I was feeling fresh so it wasn't miserable, just annoying. After dropping Nick off at home, I did 2 more miles in the wind-favorable direction (the road I run on is east-west, with the water in the east, and the wind is usually straight on in one direction or the other). When I went to turn around, I realized how crappy the way home was going to be. I resolved to make it to 8 miles before starting the run/walk but there were some gusts that really sucked (blew? ha!) and I stopped at 7.5 to trudge through to the end. Average pace is not bad... if only the whole half could look like miles 1-7 up there, I'd be happy.

I've done a couple of other medium distance runs lately, but mostly around 5 miles. I plan on attempting 10 again this weekend as a final long run before the half. I was going to lament how I don't feel as prepared as I did last year and blah blah blah but I actually think that, except for being absent from running in April, I might be in a similar place to (as? I can't figure out that one) last year. I re-read some old blog posts and I wasn't running much more than I am now. So who knows. Cautiously optimistic that (as long as the weather doesn't suck and my stomach cooperates and I sleep well) I'll at least be in the neighborhood of last year's time, right around 2 hours.

13 days (yes, I am counting down to a half, which some people can do in their sleep, but it's been a while since I've done a race and a whole year since I've done a half. And almost 6 months since the full. Yikes!). 

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