Monday, May 20, 2013

Race week!

Last year I wrote a post the week before this same half marathon (I really should run more than 1 half a year so I have more blog content to reference when I'm trying to figure out if I'm failing horribly at training) about a "perfect" training week. Well I'll go so far as to say I had a perfect long run yesterday. Except maybe it would have been more perfect 2 weeks prior to my target race instead of 1 week prior. This is me throwing caution to the wind.

My long run last week was less than stellar and it made me doubt that I could finish the half without walking. I only got to 7.5 miles without fading. This week, I slowed it down a tiny bit for the first few miles, keeping everything right around 9:00/mile, and managed to finish well with 10 miles in 1:32. No walking. It helped that were was significantly less wind this week. It was a bit of a mental struggle at the end, but overall I was happy. I feel a lot more confident about the upcoming race. Right now, the weather looks fine (mid 70's for the high, low % chance of rain), although I know that could change drastically in the next few days. I ran this course last year, but I still figured I'd check out the elevation chart.

Scaling ftw.

The "big climb" is ~100 feet in a little over a mile. I don't remember that part at all. Last year, Nick was with me and he is a great motivator and distractor. I'll be all by myself this year because he's got nagging shin pain that's prevented him from running much. When I'm by myself, with no music, hills are harder. So now I'm worried about that one. Should not have even looked at the elevation map.

Anywho... the blog holds no record of what my longer runs looked like right before the half last year, and neither does my Garmin. Somehow, the Garmin recorded 0 runs last year for me between March 27 and May 1, and only 2 runs after May 1. I realize this actually probably means I didn't wear it between March 27 and May 1, but I'd much rather blame technology. The take home message from all this rambling is I have no idea what my goals should be for this race. It's easy to overshoot based on a final long run that felt really good, but my stomach has been in shambles since we got back from NZ and I'm not confident it'll behave (I got a major cramp after the Clif Shot I took yesterday at mile 5). I also haven't really tested fueling strategies (last 2 long runs I sipped water every 2 miles and had a Gu at 5 mi). I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. Goals:

A goal: <1:55 (~8:45/mile)
B goal: <1:58 (last year's time, my PR)
C goal: <2:05

I'm going to take it easy on workouts this week. Workout plan:
M: Bike w/Nick
Tu: Run 5
W: Rest
Th: Run 5
F:  Run 3
Sa: Rest
S: Race

My workplace is doing a walking challenge where we try and get at least 30,000 steps a week. That's approximately 15 miles of walking, which is a significant chunk. 3 hours after waking up, I'm at 700 steps. That's sad. Hopefully this thing will motivate me to step away from my desk a little more often. 

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