Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Zealand: The Wedding!

The wedding day was moved forward by 2 days because once we got to NZ, it became apparent the weather wasn't going to cooperate with us on the original date (Tuesday). That actually turned out pretty great because it gave us extra time to settle in and explore the town we'd be getting married in. Lake Tekapo is a tiny, resort-y type town with half a dozen restaurants, a makeshift supermarket, a "hotel", a large campground and a bunch of tourist-attractions. It also has this gorgeous lake:
Not pictured: the perfect milky turqouise color of the lake from glacier runoff

On the wedding morning, Nick and I set out for an easy 3 miles around the area. It was a nice morning (but overcast! I was scared it wouldn't get sunny for our ceremony!) but roads/sidewalks were limited so we ended up choosing a route that quickly turned into a steep, technical trail. That shortened our run a little but was still a perfect way to start the day. We'd spent the previous night in a hotel and the ability to take a real shower in a private room was pretty great. We showered, had buffet breakfast at the hotel:
Milk. It'll keep you trim. 

 and then the waiting began... we made sure everything was laid out and hung up, but mostly it was just...waiting. And getting nervous/excited. My hairdresser and makeup lady arrived around 10am. 
Makeup is a serious business. Also, wtf am I doing with my feet???

I had emailed with them a couple times before the wedding but still didn't really know what I was in for until I could actually talk to people and look at colors. We all agreed on a plan pretty quickly and they worked their magic for a while. The photographers and wedding planner arrived a little while later. All this time, Nick was just hanging out, watching TV and watching me. Poor guy. 

There was lots of milling about, picture taking, and Nick got to escape with our male photographer while I got finished. They went and got coffee, returned, then he and I each got dressed.
My hand peeking out of the hotel room door. The photographer and planner kept calling my watch the "wee little watch." Wee! Cute. PS my nails are cheapie at home glue-ons and they were awesome- I got about a week out of them.

Nick headed to the lake before me while I got pictures taken alone. It was warming up and sunny by the time our ceremony was ready. I nervously headed to the lake and then... we got married! Our photograher, Wayne, was also our celebrant. We had prepared a ceremony ahead of time and I wish I could remember it all because it was gorgeous and very "us." Nick and I read our vows from the celebrant's iPad (technology ftw, I never could have remembered the vows if I had tried to have them memorized), and I cried. Is it normal to just want to tackle and cuddle your husband-to-be during your entire ceremony? I was marrying my best friend, I just wanted to hug him but I could just hold hands. Lame (totally kidding). We finished the ceremony, signed the marriage license, had some cake and champagne, and it was official!

Fun fact: in NZ, they do the cutting the cake and feeding one another tradition, but they do not try the cake smashing. Thank goodness. Our planner seemed appalled you'd let your husband smash cake on your special makeup on your special day. That's a tradition I want no part of, so it worked out perfectly for us.
Cheesy happy

Champagne, vows, flowers

We spent the next few hours driving around scenic central NZ, stopping every now and then for photos. 

Then we took a helicopter ride to the top of Tasman Glacier.  
I am happy to be married, but not happy to be in a helicopter--- weirdest feeling of my life! 
Then we were done, and I felt like this.

Nick and I had a special dinner back at the hotel, then had some champagne and cider and relaxed. It was a perfect day, although taking all those pictures is SO tiring. We were in and out of the campervan a half dozen times, and by the end of the day I was ready to take my dress off and brush my hair. And by the end of the day, I just wanted to take time and be with my husband and soak in our time together. Luckily, we still had 1.5 weeks of time in NZ ahead of us!

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