Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Zealand: getting there

Getting to New Zealand is not easy. Our trip down involved 3 flights: DC to Dubai, Dubai to Sydney, and Sydney to Christchurch. The first 2 flights were around 13 hours each and the third was ~4 hours. 13 hours is a long time. I know, duh, obviously 13 hours is lengthy. But really. 13 hours ON A PLANE is the longest 13 hours of your life. We left earlyish in the morning on Friday after a night at a hotel near Dulles Airport outside of DC. I got up early and biked at the hotel to get some movement in for the day since I knew I'd be sitting a lot. 

One fun complication with traveling: I had this to contend with:
My wedding dress waiting for its first flight (plus Nick's suit). A 20 lb annoyance.

Traveling with the dress was something I totally dreaded. It was heavy and cumbersome, especially combined with Nick's outfit, and it was irritating to worry about it all the time. I definitely said "screw it, they'll photoshop the wrinkles" to myself a hundred times over the course of the trip down. But in the end, babying it was worth it since it meant very little steaming necessary on the day of the wedding.

First flight picture:

Individual movies screens!?!?!? Yes please.

For the first flight, it was just Nick and I in the 3 seats at the side of the plane. That was the best since it meant I could get up and down as much as I wanted to. That was handy after the free wine came out. Yes, free wine. Free wine. 3 days before my wedding. I guess technically it was $1800 wine, but it felt free. So I had a couple tiny bottles and drank lots of water (again, freedom to get up and use the bathroom was wonderful) and figured I'd be ok by the time dress-wearing day came around.

The layover in Dubai was pretty brief. I walked around and took a couple of pictures. 
Dubai: the wave of the future totally includes the Cone of Silence from Get Smart.

Caviar. For your airport Caviar Party.

The second flight was less fun because Nick and I shared the row. Luckily a nice Italian(?) gentleman graciously took the window seat so I could sit on the aisle and pee at will. It was still crazy long. I watched more movies. The flight was on a huge Airbus A380. It has a second floor with suites. The airline staff offered to put my dress in "one of the vacant suites upstairs" and I silently yelled at them to put the couple who belonged with the dress in one of the vacant suites upstairs as well. It didn't work.

 Layover in Sydney was again brief and our final, short flight (during which Nick and I watched New Girl [Parkour! Parkour!]) took us across the South Island of New Zealand and into beautiful Christchurch early on Sunday afternoon. And then the fun began....

Today's daily wedding picture:

The photographer said: "look at your flowers and be thoughtful" and I wish I could tell you what I thought about but I think I was just weirded out at being photographed so that's most likely what was going through my head.

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