Friday, May 31, 2013

I fell off my bike

This is not a tragic story. Nor is it a badass one. I fell while biking. Twice, actually. I wish I could say "the only thing I have is a bruised ego!" but really, I have some other monster bruises too. Sadly, they don't look like anything yet.
I swear this is road rash and a bruise. Cameraphones need to make things look more 3D and less jaundice-y. Or maybe my freckles need to not work like camouflage.

I'm walking funny and ache like crazy, but if I say "oh yeah, totally crashed my bike. Twice." I look like a liar because I have very little road rash. Also, I'm not trying to tell anyone this story. I'm new to road biking. I'd like to say I'm good at it, but the only part I'm good at is being moderately quick for a beginner. Ask me to turn well or quickly, and I crash. Ask me to navigate traffic and I fail. Ask me to clip-in in a hurry, and I fall. Seriously. So yesterday, after 20 miles of biking in 90 degree weather, going pretty quick (for me) and sweating up a storm (a rainstorm! Because I was dripping! I slay me!), we were stopped at a light. The light changed and everyone else got going, clipped in and crossed the intersection. I went to clip in, and my right leg, which is my trailing leg when I get started, cramped up. I was on my tiptoes, with my left foot in the pedal, and the right leg wouldn't lift up and let me push off. Stupid muscles needing stupid electrolytes. I realized I was falling and just went with it. I probably would have been fine with that, but my reaction to falling is "I HATE STUPID BIKING AND I HATE MY LEGS AND I WANT TO GO HOME LEAVE ME ALONE, WORLD." Instead of calmly getting up, assessing what had just happened, checking out my injuries and my bike, and then trying to go again, I immediately got on the bike, crying and fuming. I'm such a child.

I attempted to get on. Then I fell again.Same reason, of course, because nothing had changed in 30 seconds. 

At this point, I'm grumbling at my bike and at the cars passing (someone honked? not helpful, guy). I'm angry at the world, and at myself. Although my bike is mostly ok, the seat was completely askew. When I fell, my whole weight + acceleration due to gravity knocked the seat out of alignment. When I got back upright, there was no way to get it straight again using my wimpy upper body muscles. So I grouched away from the intersection, slooooowly (our pace for this mile on my Garmin was 8 mph. That's a comfortable running sprint for me). I caught up with the rest of the group, riding with my seat at a comfy 45 degrees. It was horribly annoying but damnit, I wasn't gonna let 2 falls 2 miles away from my car stop me from finishing the damn ride. Everyone I was riding with was super helpful and patient and didn't make fun of me too much. My only worry was the 3 stoplights we had to stop at before being back at the cars- at each of those, when I unclipped, I was ready for my leg to fail again. So crampy and tight. I was left with bruises on the inside of both knees, my hip, and my left palm, plus some minor road rash on my lower leg and left forearm. I think the way I fell made small, concentrated bruises more so than the big, diffuse ones that I've had before when I fell and slid. I just fell straight down. 

I am lucky I didn't hurt myself more, and my bike is just fine. I wish it hadn't happened though. 

Next week's game plan: first, don't fall. Second, drink more electrolytes/gels. Stretch when we stop. Don't be a dummy. 

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