Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be less sedentary, office workers

Subtitle: Pedometer challenges emphasize how lazy I am. 

My workplace is doing a walking challenge that runs for 8 weeks. To satisfy the requirements, each week you need to walk 30,000 steps (somewhere around 15 miles of walking). I was all worried because the first day I only got 4800 steps in. Not so good, definitely not on track to get to 30k for the week. I was grouchy because I biked on Monday, and I felt like 20 miles of biking would count for something. Well, my wonderful coworkers informed me that I can make biking and running minutes convert to walking using a handy calculator. I got a LOT of "steps" from that. I'm now ranked 10th in the company for steps so far this week. Yay me!
That's right, I exceeded a goal set by my company.

I've never worn a pedometer before, and it has definitely made me think about how much I walk (or don't walk). Most of the day I'm at my desk, just sitting. Because the different office areas for my department are physically located pretty far apart (a good 10 minute walk), I tend to just communicate with most of my coworkers via phone and email instead of walking out there. I am lazy. You would think that an "athletic" person, someone who runs regularly, that my coworkers would probably think was fit, would walk at least a reasonable distance each day. Nope. The past few days (this is only day 3!) I have tried to walk to the farthest away bathroom and up my water intake so I need to go more often. I'm so crafty. The farthest bathroom is 600 steps round-trip. If I did that 3 times a day, 5 days a week I'd get... 9000 steps. Looks like I've have to be a little craftier to reach 30,000. I do a lot of wandering around at home, to run and change out laundry or put away dishes or whatever, but that's not enough. Here's my other strategies:

-Be less efficient. Put away shoes upstairs, then come back for laundry. 
-Drink from the water fountain instead of a water bottle
-Go see people instead of emailing (meh, that means interacting with people. I'll pass. jk. sorta.)
-Walk to the mailbox instead of getting the mail on the way home from work

Obviously, I'll still get a lot of steps in just from workouts, but on rest days, these tips will help me at least a little. Double obviously, these are not insightful or ground-breaking "tips," they're how I am gaming the system to keep my hard-earned spot in the top 10. Dream big.

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