Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April totals

My triumphant return to the blogging world is with some not so triumphant running news:

April 1: off
April 2: 5.8k (3.6 miles) in 34 minutes on tmill
April 3: random workout in gym, walk on tmill, elliptical, bike
April 4: walk a ton in Brussels
April 5: off
April 6: 5.35 on tmill, 49:00
April 7: off (back hurts!)
April 8: 3.11 outside, fast with nick. 24:45
April 9: 45 mins on elliptical plus weights
April 10: 5 @ 6.8, 0.2 @ 8.0 plus cooldown, 5.45 total 48:38
April 11: 5.5 on tmill 48:15
April 12: off
April 13: off
April 14: 3 miles
April 15: 4 miles
April 16: 3 miles
April 17: off
April 18: off
April 19: off
April 20: off
April 21: off
April 22: off
April 23: off
April 24: off
April 25: off
April 26: off
April 27: off
April 28: off
April 29: off
April 30: off

April totals: oof. not much. 33 miles in 8 running workouts. 2x elliptical.

While I say "oof" and am bummed about the actual number of miles I ran, I'm not at all bummed about why. April was an amazing month, I got to go to Belgium and New Zealand and have the most amazing time in both places. I got to spend so much quality time with my HUSBAND, running and not running, and although we didn't run a ton of miles, New Zealand was full of hiking and sightseeing.

The only reason I'm a wee bit worried about the mileage is this. Alexandria Half Marathon on May 26. Last year Nick and I ran it in a HUGE PR for me (and an automatic PR for him because it was his first half!): 1:58:39. Since the beginning of the year I had sort of started thinking I could finish faster than that. The pace from last year is just about 9:00/mile, and I had done a few longer runs in March and April that were in the mid 8 min/mile. So... I set my heart on PR-ing. Of course. Well, taking a month off running before your PR race is probably not the best idea. I'm not totally ruling it out, but I'll see this week how I'm feeling with a few runs and then maybe re-adjust my goal... 8:48's would mean a 1:55 and that's still great. To be determined.

And here's another wedding pic because they are amazing and I love them and they remind me how perfect that day was:

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