Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Running Late(ly)

How has my life been aside from eating boring-ly and fretting about food? Weird. I'm on nightshift, so I get home when Nick is asleep and wake up when he's at work. If we're lucky we get in a workout together at work before he heads home and I start my shift. This is how everyone who's getting married in exactly! 6! weeks! should live life. Not.

My daily schedule is weird- instead of waking up just before work like most people do, working, then coming home and killing time for a few hours, I've been doing the opposite. I wake up around noon, eat breakfast and prep lunch, do laundry/housework/screw around on the internet while my stomach settles from breakfast, workout, shower, and go to work at 4pm. At work, I eat both lunch and dinner, then come home and head straight to bed around 3:30am. This has meant I get more afternoon hours with Nick on the weekends, since we both can sort of wake up around the same time. It also means working out when my body thinks it's the morning. That is both good and bad. On one hand, I hate working out "early." My legs aren't awake yet, I feel sluggish, and generally fuzzy. I'm not a good person first thing in the morning, and that goes for running as well as all other life things. On the other hand, being able to come home and not worry about working out or having it hang over my head all day is a wonderful thing. Plus, I have had excellent energy levels these past few weeks, despite getting subpar daytime sleep.  And not ingesting caffeine. I repeat, I have not felt sleepy during my days for over 2 weeks without coffee. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

Am I going to become a morning exerciser? Hell to the no. It's totally different when your "morning" lasts 4 hours before work, and you have time to eat, digest, and laze about. My normal mornings (on dayshift) are a wee bit shorter. If I have to be presentable and walking out of the house, breakfast eaten and lunch in hand, in less than an hour, that's a little different. But it is really nice to know the effect a run or other workout early in the day has on my body. I have had some reallly crappy runs lately. That might be partly due to forcing myself to workout in the morning, or my diet, or whatever, but either way it's paid off later in the day.

So let's talk runs lately. On the treadmill, it's mostly been misery, but on the days I get outside I've been on a roll. If you check out my handy Workout Log 2013, you'll notice 4 outside runs in the last 2 weeks at 9 min/mile or faster. Have they been easy? Not at all. I did 4 miles yesterday that nearly killed me. I'm kind of seeing treadmill runs right now, because they are so boring and tedious, as endurance opportunities, both mental and physical. My outside runs have been around the same distance but they are much speedier. Going fast outside, with hills to help out, has been coming more naturally. I'm a sucker for a negative split, so glancing at my watch at the turnaround point and trying to beat my time has been keeping me motivated.

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