Saturday, March 23, 2013

Knowing my limits

I'm a little stressed right now. So I went out and ran these splits:
A mile split that starts with a 7.... I'm a crazy person.

It helped that the weather was like this:

It was a beautiful day, and I had coffee, so my legs were antsy. Obviously. Mile 1 was comfortably hard, but I wasn't pushing my limits or anything. Mile 2 started to feel hard. The roads I ran on are hilly, and the wind was gusting. I know I should plan out runs, but today I was playing it by ear. When I put down 2 8 minute miles, I figured I'd try for a 3rd, and try and run a little farther, total, than I did yesterday. That meant 3 8 minute miles, then dialing it down for 2 more. I did just that, surprisingly, keeping an even 8/mile for 3 followed by 9/mile for the last 2. The last quarter mile I killed myself and came home wheezing and feeling almost like I do after a 5k.

This run was nice because I felt uncomfortable, and I haven't really felt that lately. Intervals are hard, sure, and I've tried to do 1 or 2 interval workouts a week, but they don't kill me like this did. After I got past the mild desire to puke, I got some crazy endorphins and wanted to do it all again. But not really. It also made me want to do a 5K REALLY badly.The only problem is, I get off work at 5 in the morning, and the only local 5K starts at 9. I'll find another race soon but I sort of wanted to capture this speediness while it lasts. I know it won't last forever. A run like this was nice to remind me how it feels to push my limits.

Fast forward to the day after that run, and my shins hurt like crazy. Thanks for reminding me I'm not a superhero, body. I did HIIT stuff on Thursday and took Friday off. Saturday morning, shins still ache. Not as terrible, but it's definitely not a great feeling. I'll take it easier this week because I definitely did jump up my mileage and run back to back days more frequently. 

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