Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm not freaking out....

I'm not freaking out... I'm not freaking out.

Just kidding. Totally freaking out. Nick and I leave for Brussels 2 weeks from today, and leave for the wedding less than 4 weeks from today. I'm giving an industry presentation in a foreign country in just over 2 weeks. And then I'm getting married. I wrote my WEDDING VOWS. It all is coming up so fast! I knew that April would be an insane month, no matter what. Here's a little plan.

March 27 (approximately): last night of nightshift
March 28-30: laundry, clean everything, packing
March 29: pick up wedding dress (hopefully!)
March 31: travel Brussels
April 2: present in Brussels
April 5: return from Brussels
April 6-10: laundry, clean everything, dye hair, get a haircut, pack
April 11: travel to NoVA for dinner with folks, then hotel in NoVA
April 12: fly to New Zealand
April 16: Wedding :)

Oh, and 4 weeks after we come home from the wedding, I'm running a half marathon (same one I majorly PR'ed on last year in 1:58). So I'm kind of trying to keep some semblance of running fitness during this time too. Oh and not totally piss off my GI tract so I can feel like a normal human being on my wedding day and honeymoon. I am not so sure that is even possible between travel, nerves, nerves about travel, and weird plane food. Sigh.

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