Monday, March 25, 2013

How not to see your fiance

Wake up at 1pm. Nick's still asleep because he got home at 7am. Do a little housework, breakfast, ride the trainer, make lunch, and shower. Wake up Nick. Say hi, bye, and go to work. Work. Come home at 5:30 am. Nick's not home because he's still at work. Go to sleep. Repeat. Try not to be sad. I hate to keep complaining about this, but we're on day 35 of me being on nightshift, and his nights schedule is just now starting. It'll be over soon enough, and as my mom pointed out, we'll be seeing plenty of each other when we're living together in a campervan for 2 weeks in NZ! I'll be patient, but I will probably complain at least a couple more times. I know lots of my coworkers are missing time with not only their spouses, but also children and pets, so I should consider myself lucky. Blah blah blah be grateful.

In a decidedly not grateful moment, I had my own Bridezilla episode the other day. It was my first, and hopefully my last. I was at my second (and final) dress fitting, and the seamstress just was not getting it. The dress was big on me, and wiggling around and since it's strapless I felt like I had to hitch it up all the time. Kill  me now, this is why I didn't want a strapless dress in the first place, and I'll be damned if my main memory from my wedding day is being worried I'm gonna flash some kiwis when the helicopter starts up (yeah, we're riding in a helicopter to the top of a mountain to take pics after we get hitched. No big deal) (disregard the fact that there will not be kiwis on a mountaintop) (Mountain top!). Anyways. I explained nicely to the seamstress that it wasn't working. I explained to the salesperson that it wasn't working. They both told me I was crazy. I AM NOT CRAZY I JUST WANT EVERYTHING TO BE PERFECT WHEN I GET MARRIED. YOU WOMEN MUST BE ELDERLY CAT LADIES WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND LOVE. I actually had that thought. But what came out of me instead was a stream of tears and saying I just want to be comfortable! Comfort! And an itty bitty waist! Not too much to ask. The tears worked, I got the alterations I asked for, and life went on. Still, I was pretty embarrassed. My mom consoled me by saying that I don't have to be friends with the woman tailoring my wedding dress, and that my parents are paying a ton of money for it, so it needs to be as perfect as can be. That made me feel better.

My countdowns just keep on ticking away. In 6 days I'll be in Europe. In 19 days I'll be in New Zealand. In 22 days I'll be a "Mrs." That saying bothers me so much, by the way. It makes me feel old and stodgy. Can I just be Ms. Nick's Last Name? Please? Also, I Googled "Maryland name change process" and got a terrifying link to half a dozen documents, including a court order and a requirement to publish the name change in the newspaper for public comment. Say what? The public does not care about my name. Not one bit. Luckily, I just have poor attention to detail, and there's a whole other page about name changes in the case of marriage. I basically just go change it with the Social Security Administration and call it a day. I know it's over a month until I even have to worry about it, but I'm really excited for that step in the process. It's cheesy, but I imagine it'll reinforce the feeling of being our own little family.

Man, I can't wait to get married to that guy.

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