Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good sore vs. Bad sore + GI update

Most important things first: I bought a new phone. This is a picture of me, taken with my new phone. Turns out you can't take a picture of a phone with itself. That feature needs to be developed.

Today, I am sore. Yesterday, I was more sore. On Monday I ellipticalled at the gym and then had tons of time to spend lifting. So I chose a bunch of upper body moves and alternated with lower body moves and did the whole circuit twice. I was absolutely beat by the time I was done. I was overall tired, and my individual muscle groups were pretty noodley-feeling, but I didn't think I had pushed myself way too hard. When I woke up the next day, I was achey and as the day went on my body started getting terribly sore. It seemed to get worse by the minute. I almost took painkillers at one point, I was that miserable. I powered through, whined while I went up stairs (and contemplated the elevator many times), and generally felt stiff and grouchy. Today I'm still achey. At the gym, I tried to do some shoulder presses and found that my shoulders (even though I didn't directly work them on Monday) were still not recovered. Squats were also more challenging than they should have been.

I never know what's considered "good" sore and what's "bad." Like, if my right hamstring is throbbing and my left is just normal sore, then is the right one maybe injured? If I want to scream when I stretch and going up 2 flights of stairs is the hardest thing I've ever done, have I overworked something? I never know. I know soreness is good because it means you've torn muscle and your body will rebuild it stronger, but... it's a balance. I love being sore. I know that. Maybe just a little less sore.

GI update:
I've been mostly good. Mostly great, actually. I've reincorporated bell peppers, eggs and tomatoes into my diet and things are... fine. Until yesterday. I had the grand idea of eating the remaining flourless almond butter cookies for breakfast (there may have been 4... or 6... left). I immediately regretted that decision, but I figured, eh, I'll run off the impending icky feeling. 7.5 miles later, I felt better, but still slightly off. The rest of the day got worse and worse. I had veggies, soup, quinoa, beans and salad, so nothing out of the ordinary, but my stomach was busting out of my pants, I had cramps, all those terrible things I haven't had to go through too much lately. What caused it? Too much sugar? Cornstarch in the cookies? Longish run? All I know is that it is the worst I've felt since wine 3 weeks ago. Even today the discomfort is at a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. Maybe this is a reminder from my stomach that just because something doesn't have any ingredients that instantly trip my stomach, it doesn't mean that eating an unreasonable amount of it won't still make me feel gross. Noted.

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