Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day ?- I'm over this...

Summary: What we need is results, people! Results!

Workouts: a bunch, inluding 6 notably pleasant miles with Nick outside.

Tummy: Hate and discontent. The joy. Then hate again.

The aftermath of soy day was... well, I called it an aftermath, so you can probably fill in the blanks. But really, it was just a lot of unpleasantness and discomfort. I bought new jeans that were a great fit on Friday, and then Sunday, I'm magically 12 lbs. heavier. Really, TWELVE POUNDS. From soy? How does that make sense. I'm tracking my calories pretty closely in order to 1) make sure I'm eating enough and watch my very sad protein intake and 2) be able to fit in my wedding dress and not get fat and happy with all the delicious snacks around at work right now. So I know I didn't spontaneously gain 12 lbs. from overeating for the last 2 weeks. I'm frustrated. The only thing I've gotten out of this whole experiment so far is when I eat super clean, lower sodium, no crap, lots of fruits, veggies, legumes, etc., I feel great. When I don't eat that way, I don't feel great. That's it. I wanted some crystal clear "do not pass go, do not eat gluten ever again" sign, and it's just not happening. Yet. I gave it a few days and had 2 eggs on Wednesday night, and then had more on Thursday for the next test. I've really been having trouble getting enough protein while doing this test, so having eggs back in my life made it a little easier. Eggs were really not a problem for me.

One positive thing that I'm noticing is that I think twice before eating stuff. I was coveting some snack mix (mmmm sesame sticks) tonight and strongly considered having some. Salty deliciousness. But then I actually thought for a minute about the myriad issues that would probably result and decided it wasn't worth it. Just being more mindful about what I'm inhaling is a good thing. I mean, I've always known that dairy was a no-go for me, but only recently have I taken any time to avoid it. And even then, I have been known to say screw it, I want pizza, and suffer as a result. Maybe this whole experiment will make it more obvious just how good I can feel if I put some effort into not eating junky. This did not prevent me from drinking more than one gluten free beer on my off night, even though I suspected it would screw me up. It did. Side note: gluten free beer is not terrible, but not awesome either.

As I near 3 weeks of this whole experiment, I'm thinking about what the future of eating will look like for me. Fewer cheerios. No sandwiches (I haven't had any gluten free bread yet, I'm a little hesitant). Stricter about dairy. No tofu. No TVP (tear... I loved the potential TVP had!). More nuts and beans. More millet and quinoa, less pasta. I don't see myself going strictly gluten free or anything, but just being mindful of what I'm eating. If that's not enough, maybe I will be stricter... Ugh, I don't know. Another thing on my mind is needing to buy all new stuff... new flours, weird things like xantham gum and chia seeds? Meh. Not excited about that. I'm a reliably good baker with the things I'm used to, I'm worried gluten free baked goods just won't be the same... first world problems right here.

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