Monday, February 11, 2013

Elimination diet- day 1

Note: I'm not a doctor, nor am I treating any official diagnosis. I'm just figuring some stuff out. Italicized stuff is food that's not on the elimination eating plan that I'm following.

Summary: I don't want to kill anyone yet.

Workout: 45 minute "walking workout" on tv. It was actually semi-hard.

Awake hours: 9am-1:30am

Tummy: hungry, but ok? I'll leave those specific details off the blog.

Today starts 8 weeks of weird sleeping schedule. I observed this auspicious day by sleeping in weird bits and pieces from 10:30 or so last night until 9 this morning. I woke up disoriented, but rested, which is probably good since it's my first day without coffee. The first thing I noticed was that my knee was a mess. I ran 6ish miles outside yesterday and although it didn't hurt during the run, it was really tweaky the rest of the evening. This morning it felt like I had to overcome a spring to get it to bend, and it was puffy. I nixed running and found a walking workout to do instead. It felt pretty lame, but it actually got my heart rate up reasonably and I sweated. Mission accomplished. The leader said we did somewhere around 3 miles, so I'll take it.

Breakfast was weird. I am intent on using up the rest of my eggs so I mashed 3 of them with some mayo and olive tapenade. Then I had an apple, brown rice cereal and almond milk before leaving for work at noon or so.

I made a sort of meal plan for the rest of the day before I left for work. Since I'm not going to go home and eat dinner after working until almost midnight (so I can go to bed sort of early instead of being kept awake by digestion) I'm front loading my meals and breaking them up into snacks. The rest of the day looks like this:

Almonds/cashews and cantaloupe
Lentil soup (it has tomatoes in it)
Veggies and almond butter
Sunflower seeds
Chocolate chips

Surprisingly, this is the "correct" amount of calories for my day even though it doesn't seem like a lot. Almond butter and the other nuts and seeds are calorie dense, yo. Today's plan gets me a reasonable amount of protein (somewhere around 65 grams), and tons of fat, but is lacking in carbs. I'll work on that tomorrow. Also, obviously chocolate chips are not really on anyone's "good for your digestion" list, but they're delicious and make me happy, so until my house runs out of them, they're happening.

"Allergens" I'm eating today:
dairy (mayo and chocolate chips)
tiny amount of soy (soybean oil in soup)

Ones I'm not eating:

To be vague about my tummy, it's actually behaving well, except my stomach is grumbling. This could be progress. Or I could be in a caffeine withdrawal haze and just not know that I have raging heartburn.


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