Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 8-9

Note: I'm not a doctor, nor am I treating any official diagnosis. I'm trying some stuff for a while to see what works for me. Is anyone reading this? Daily food updates are super boring, I know.

Summary: And then there was wheat.

Workout: 45 minutes on the elliptical and weights, 3.1 + 2.1 miles running and weights. Enough with the weights already.

Tummy: Day 8 was 100% delight. Day 9 **

So day 8- my first day of real "lifting" since starting this whole thing. I put lifting in quotes because I don't know what I'm doing in a weight room and I walk around doing stuff until I feel tired. It's a method that "works" for me. I say "works" because I love quotation marks. But really, I'm not trying to be super muscley, just trying to get toned. Or something else that girls are supposed to say. The lifting went moderately well. I felt a little weaker than I was last time, but I haven't been making a habit of this like I should be. Despite that, great success. I ate more millet and chickpeas and almond butter and a million other things that didn't differ from previous days. Tummy was happy. Everyone was happy. Also, I am delighted to find new grains that aren't brown rice! Quinoa is so damn expensive I have a tough time justifying it, but millet is super cheap (I know it's not a complete protein) and yummy and I think it will be a nice addition to the food roster. Earlier my dad was making fun of me saying "millet? that's bird food! you should add sunflower seeds in there" and I had to admit I had sunflower seeds earlier in the day. When people mock me for my bird food (or rabbit food) I really can't deny it. I'm ok with that. 

Day 9- enter wheat. I had shredded wheat for breakfast around 1pm (I love nightshift!). Then I went and ran. 3.1 miles with little speed bursts, then weights (leg press will make me an invalid), then, because I had extra time, I did intervals. I felt super crappy for the first run, and still pretty crappy for the second one also. Ugh. I didn't notice any immediate effect from the cereal, but about 4 hours after breakfast I got some stomach pains and bloatiness. The thing is, I tend to get an upset stomach from intense running as well, so it's a little tough to separate the 2 issues. I had more shredded wheat at 8 pm (second breakfast? mid-lunch? dinner? who knows). Then my stomach got weird again. Dr. Google says that gluten reactions can occur at any point after you eat the stuff, some people have immediate reactions, some have a reaction a few hours later, some the next day. I guess this is why each "challenge" food is followed by several days of clean eating. Otherwise everything gets all jumbled up. As of 2am, I'm... ok. A little uncomfortable, but nothing terrible. It's like wheat said something sort of mean to my GI tract, but it was unintentionally mean, so my GI is still hesitant to like wheat because of that offhand comment. That analogy completely makes sense to me. But then again, it's 2am, so lots of things make sense to me.

On a totally different note, wedding stuff is moving along frighteningly quickly- my dress came in and I have a fitting on Friday! Ah! Also, I have all my jewelry, some undergarments that hopefully will work, and the shoes I'm going to wear. I still need to figure out hair, but I figure I'll slap a headband on like I do everyday anyways (except this time it'll be someone else slapping the headband on, and I'll be paying them lots of money to do it nicely.). Nick's outfit is also all purchased and figured out. AHHH! 8 weeks from today I'll be getting hitched. I can't wait! 

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