Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 10-11

Note: I'm not a doctor, nor am I treating any official diagnosis. I'm trying some stuff for a while to see what works for me. Basically, my self-centeredness is currently focused on my food intake. It's good to have focus.

Summary: Can I blame everything on wheat and go back to normal?

Workout: 5 fairly glorious miles outside on Wednesday, 60 minutes on the trainer on Thursday

Tummy: Day 10- gurgle. Day 11- better, but still gurgle.

I want to blame everything on wheat, I really do. I'm still not quite back to "normal" after the wheat challegne. This new normal consists of far fewer stomach cramps and much less bloating than any other point I can remember in recent history. Even now, when I feel bloaty, my stomach doesn't get as distended as it did before- back in the day (by that, I mean 10 whole days ago), I'd get so puffy that my pants would get super uncomfortable and all I could think about for hours was going home and transitioning to sweatpants. No one wants to live like that. Flat tummy, happy Laurel. I also had a GOOD run again- 5 miles, outside. It definitely was on the hard end of the run scale, but that was partially because of the ridiculous headwind I fought for the second half of the run. I managed 5 quickish miles before work.

I have to catalog my favorite meal so far- Wednesday night dinner- a.k.a. the meal I eat at 11:30. It was brown rice, kidney beans, frozen peas and carrots, a "sundried tomato pesto seasoning" (ingredients: tomatoes, onions, spices), balsamic and olive oil. I wanted to bathe in it. 2 people even remarked that it looked/smelled good, which is also encouraging to me.

Tonight's adventure- eating out! We went to Mexican with my parents and honestly, I only thought about tortilla chips for 45 minutes out of the hour we were there. Salty, crunchy tortilla chips. I was only a little fixated. Instead, I got a REALLY unimaginative lentil soup, some pretty flavorful black beans, and white rice. The beans and rice were moderately tasty, because I actually love plain rice, 100% honest. I love having an excuse to eat it plain.  The lentil soup... come on, Mexican restaurant. This was lentils, water, diced onions, some bell peppers (which are taboo, but whatever), and zucchini. I'm pretty sure it's what they feed to people who have just gotten a quadruple bypass. Blandy McBlanderson. I had had my own lentils earlier in the day, cooked at home and then tossed with garlic powder and balsamic vinegar. Those were divine. This concotion? Not so much. The only other food I sort of coveted was my brother's cheesy chile rellenos. They looked and smelled delicious. 

Tomorrow (or today, if you're being technical), is my first wedding dress fitting, complete with jewelry, shoes, difficult undergarments, and me hoping that the size they ordered isn't ridiculous. When I tried it on 2.5 months ago, they told me I needed to go 2 whole sizes up from the perfect fitting size I tried on in the store. I talked her down to ordering 1 size up, but I had to sign a contract saying I would have to buy the dress even if I gained a ton of weight and it didn't fit. Really fun experience. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

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