Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My boss (who is semi-vegetarian) mentioned that he watched the documentary Vegucated recently. He said it was really eye-opening and reinforced his belief in a vegetarian diet and in not supporting companies whose practices he doesn't agree with. I was intrigued, so when it showed up on our Netflix suggestions a few days later, I suggested to Nick that we watch it.


I'm a vegetarian, but this movie really reinforced not eating meat and advocated for veganism instead. The movie discussed the health reasons behind being vegan but really stressed the ethical issues behind the meat industry. They showed "free range" egg-laying chickens who were still kept mainly indoors in terrible conditions. We had to skip the graphic slaughterhouse scenes entirely because I couldn't handle it. Honestly, I've never been too much of an ethical vegetarian. I chose this route for health reasons and because I am cheap. I wouldn't say this movie totally changed me, but it reminded me of what I'm supporting by eating cheese and eggs.


I love eggs. I love cooking them and I love eating them. I love the protein content. I just hate the idea of them. Ugh. I'm at an impasse because as much as I love cheese, I feel like I should love animals more. So this morning I had Greek yogurt for breakfast and a granola bar with dairy in it and I feel guilty. It's not fun. Greek yogurt should not be making you sad at 6am. 6am should be making you sad at 6am.

One of the girls in Vegucated was distraught because she felt bad eating animal products, and some of the more experienced vegans told her any reduction in animal product consumption is progress. So. I don't eat meat. I do eat eggs and cheese and yogurt. It's not like I'm not making a difference.... I just feel like I should be making more of a difference. Cheese already wreaks havoc on my tummy, why not cut it back more/cut it out, relieve the tummy problems and save some cows from sad lives? But then I feel like I'm half-assing veganism if I'm still eating eggs. Arg!!

A favorite vegan blogger of mine, Angela at Oh She Glows, is doing a series of posts on Veganism 101, which could not have come at a better time. I was reading one of the initial posts on non-dairy milk and it was great (although I haven't had cow's milk, in its milk form, in ages). I can't wait to read more and think about what changes I can make. And where oh where I will get my protein from if I cut back on eggs? Sigh.

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