Thursday, January 24, 2013

Running lately

My blog is supposedly about running. I should talk about that.

I ran 7 miles on Sunday. This is not a big deal for anyone else, ever, but for me, it's a big deal. Why? It was a spur of the moment decision, I didn't have fuel with me, and I didn't stress and fret and get worked up about how it's my longest run in forever. And it only took an hour. It just sort of happened.

Here's the not super interesting story of why.

My runs lately have been 1) on the treadmill, 2) less than 5ish miles and 3) less than 50 minutes. I am not training for anything in particular (although it's high time Nick and I decide on a half marathon), and the runs I've been doing lately have been my lame attempt to get myself faster. They've been building time at faster paces (starting with 30 minutes @ 6.8 mph, and adding minutes as I go, and have been... boring. I was kind of interested to see if they've done any good. So when the weather was GORGEOUS yesterday, and I had nothing really pressing to do, and I had had a big breakfast and a snack and digested and the stars aligned, I left the house. I had a vague goal of doing 30 minutes out, and 30 minutes back, but my foot felt tweaky when I started so I said, eh, maybe just 3 miles out and back. I definitely had some doubts about getting any distance in. And then... speed happened. I glanced at my watch after the first mile, and it was 8:10. And I felt fine. Good, even. My foot had warmed up. I knocked out the next 3 miles at 8:11, 8:15 and 8:28. Then I ran up a big hill, started running out of steam, and hit 8:52, 8:46 and 8:34. I was definitely tired, and definitely did some mini-fartleks to give myself a break, but my overall pace was 8:27. WHO AM I. I finished 7.1 in an hour.

Other than running, I've been all over the place. Swimming. Stationary bike or elliptical at the gym. "Weight training." I do find it pleasant that I was on the elliptical the other day, watching a burly-looking guy do lat pulldowns and he used less weight than me. I felt like I should get a special medal for that (blah blah blah everyone is at a different point in their fitness journey. Do not care. I still win). Nick is also doing weights and  plyometric workouts, including doing Tabata stuff with me. We are both enjoying the glorious soreness of weird, new muscles that strength training and plyo workouts accomplish.

The rest of my life is pretty standard stuff. Emailing women in New Zealand who I've never as much as spoken to on the phone, giving them my credit card number, and trusting them with my hair, makeup, and flowers for our wedding. Planning an epic work party for 1000 people at the National Museum of Natural History. Getting ready to work nightshift for 7 weeks. A work travel opportunity also just arose that might take me to Brussels March 30-April 5. Yikessss.. Then we leave for the wedding on April 12. Death by international travel.

I see a lot of treadmill time in my future, both for sanity and because my schedule will be ridiculous.

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