Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas, Boston, 2013

This post is late.

I am insanely lucky and insanely spoiled. So so spoiled. My wedding dress is off white, strapless, and I'm a pale girl. My parents bought me this necklace for Christmas to wear with my dress because I decided that rose gold would hopefully be awesome with the dress/skin combo. Then Nick bought me a beautiful rose gold vintage watch from the 60's that I spied online a couple months ago and have been coveting. Between these two gifts (plus some more) plus buying my wedding band, having Nick's made by these folks (SO jealous he gets one of these!) and the extravagance of our wedding as is, my mind is pretty boggled about the scale of this thing. Also, we've decided to definitely do some sort of party when we get back from New Zealand. Soooo now my spring looks like this:

January: survive it
February: Stupid crazy work hours/nightshift
March: Continue stupid crazy work hours most of the month.
April: Run a half? New Zealand! Wedding!
May: Decompress/eat only dried beans all month because we'll be so poor and tired
June: "Reception"/party/10 year high school reunion

We also went to Boston the day after Christmas. The drive up was the worst. Ever. It was rain, sleet, and snow all the way up, and the addition of travel traffic meant our 8ish hour drive took 13 hours. My legs were sad, especially since I drive a manual transmission car and all day I was easing on and off the clutch and gas. Bleh.

But then! Boston! Woo! Nick found a super nice hotel near everything for a super reasonable rate. Only tiny complaint- our room was close the elevator and we were awakened or kept up by people conversing/screaming/carousing at all hours. Plus, apparently in cities, there's traffic? I forget that we live on a tiny highway without beeping horns and emergency vehicles. Oh well, I bought earplugs and called it good. Before we left for Boston, we had figured out a few things we sort of wanted to do, like see Fenueil Market and the Science Museum, but we mostly left it open. I was a little worried that we'd get bored and end up watching TV in our hotel room. Instead, we walked. Everywhere. We went a little crazy over-buying Groupons for food deals and didn't bother mapping them out beforehand, so we had little clusters of 2 to 4 Groupons all over the city. That worked out beautifully a few times and... less beautifully other times.

My favorite unusual food experience was Veggie Galaxy. It was near MIT and we went there prior to the MIT Museum and the Museum of Science. Veggie Galaxy is all-vegetarian, all the time. They can make everything vegan as well (tofu eggs?! did not try. Want to try). I had a delicious omelette with arugula and veggie chorizo. Nick tried tempeh bacon and was underwhelmed, but I was intrigued. I have never had tempeh (unadventurous vegetarian) and the texture was delicious. Also, the waitstaff and cooks at the restaurant were all super-hip and my head to toe J. Crew felt conspicuous and weird.

Our hotel gym was enormous and there were TVs! On everything! Glorious.

We toured Fenway at night while it was snowing heavily. It was beautiful. We also went to Boston Beer Works which is next door and I would have loved to have had more time to spend there. Yummy beer, cute atmosphere.

I get to marry this guy :) He will not be wearing that hat though. Ever again. 

New Year's was spent drinking delicious, deadly sangria and enjoying the hospitality of Nick's sister's boyfriend. He had a really neat dance floor set up in his living room! It was quite the party.

And now... 2013. Yeah. How about some goals? Last year I did mini-goals and...yikes. I don't want to look back at those just yet. Spoiler alert: I didn't keep them all.

So, big goals?
-Get married. This is pretty much happening unless we fall into the lake in New Zealand or one of us gets dysentery on the layover in Dubai.
-(see April, above) Run a half? I wanted to do a spring marathon when I was in the midst of a major post-marathon high in November. I found a bunch of marathons that all sounded fun, and then the logistics of training heavily during crazy work hour time or having to worry about long runs on my honeymoon actually sank in. Instead, we're gonna aim for a half some point either in April or May. Last year we squeaked in under 2 hours and I think with some focused training (last year's longest run was 8 miles!) and the fact that I'm just generally better feeling this year, maybe a new PR could happen.
-Track my mileage. Last year I wanted to run 1000 miles. This year, I'd like to just keep track of things. See: my brand new "2013 workouts" page. Yippee! As of Day 6, I'm succeeding.
-Stay happy with running. The marathon this year was so. much. fun. Training with Nick made it way less hateful to me, and run the race was... not always super fun, but in the end, it was the best thing we've ever done together. 
-Stay happy with food and my self-image. I'm struggling a bit. I subsisted on air in late November and it made me a grouch. I rebelled against the air diet and ate everything. That got me quickly back to a level of fluffiness I'm not happy about and one that my wedding dress won't be happy about either. I also want to get my upper body a little more defined before the wedding. Don't have an action plan for that (99 days till the wedding!) yet. 
-Marathon #3. Since I couldn't check the "run the same race every year" box for the Marine Corps in 2012, maybe create a new "run a different marathon every year" box instead. Philly (November 18)? Savannah? Harrisburg? OBX?

About running lately- my left foot has been hurting on the outside left side, and it's been hurting bad. Walking a lot in Boston aggravated it, so I've backed off on mileage and focused on cross training. I'm going to continue to baby it and hopefully it doesn't turn into a thing (famous last words).

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