Monday, January 28, 2013

Big things

I have been on a committee that's been planning a big work event at the National Museum of Natural History in DC for months. It seemed like the party would never happen. We had 1100 people RSVP, coordinated parking, buses, hotel, food, drink, and shuttle for all those people. 1100 opportunities for problems.

So I did what a normal person would do.

I went to the mall and saw a cool special parking area for Teslas. I want one even more now.

I bought these Jimmy Choos. My bank account wept. They're SO pretty and SO comfy and perfect and my mother is an enabler

Holy asymmetrical mouth. I got a much needed haircut (apparently I can't grow out a pixie cut to a bob without looking like a street urchin) and got my makeup done. End result: weather girl deluxe. Also, my life hasn't been the same since seeing how I look with eyebrows. I need those perfect eyebrows recreated on my face every day.

The party was fabulous. So much dancing and wine. Today is a little bit of a let-down though because all that planning is over and now no more party to look forward to. Just work. Meh.

In big news, I am going to Brussels for a work trip and Nick is coming with me. We'll spend 4.5 days (plus 2.5 days travel) in Belgium, with 2 of those days occupied by the work thing. I am so happy Nick is going with me. My one foray into international travel was not sufficient to prepare me to do it on my own. April 2013: the month I was only home 5 days. Shouldn't be stressful at all.

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