Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sometimes I don't know why blog posts have titles. I could be super clever and come up with something that probably still sounds lame, or I could leave it blank and folks (I use that "s" loosely... there's just the one folk reading) can read the post and figure it out. I was going to put my NEW! 5K! PR! in the blog title, but that's just giving away the good part.

Now look what this blogging nonsense has made me do.

So. Nick and I did a Jingle Bell Run on Saturday. This is a "big" race for down here- about 1000 people registered, which is about 10x what we normally see. A bunch of our friends and coworkers were running too, which made it all the more exciting. Our excitement was so overwhelming, we went out the night before and had lots of beer and pasta (carb loading for a 5K. it's a thing, look it up). Oh and jalapeno breadcrumb encrusted onion rings! They were SO GOOD. In the morning, I felt like one would imagine I felt after that beer/pasta/fried food combo (not surprising fact: hiatal hernias and associated reflux don't go well with booze/grease/pasta sauce!). I drank tons of water, choked down a banana and we drove to the race. I still felt terrible. I made some comment to Nick about wanting to run fast just to get it over with.

A lot of the racers were there for their annual 5K, meaning there were a ridiculous amount of dawdlers present. I want to like everyone who comes to a race, especially one that supports a good cause, but goodness gracious, at least attempt to line up in order of how speedy you plan on being. Nick was running with me again because he also didn't feel 100%, so we set out and I just planned on running comfortably fast. The last few short races I've done, I've completed the first mile in something like 7:15 and then pulled back a lot so I didn't die. This one, I finished the first mile in 7:30, then slowed down a little to 7:50 and 8:00. I completely felt like dying, but since it wasn't JUST running making me feel gross, I ignored it and kept running stupid fast. I told Nick towards the end that I couldn't keep it up, but then we did. My Garmin showed the race at 3.08 miles, but there was a hairpin turnaround so the distance could be anything. What matters is my time! 23:44! Ahh! I scoped out the race results, not thinking I had a chance at an age group award because it was a larger race. Then I saw I was the 22nd woman... and that a large group of the women in front of me were actually 12 year old girls. Score! I was pretty excited that I was mostly beaten by children. I got a sweet fleece headband that will definitely fall over my eyes when I run in it but will warm me nonetheless.

In the almost a week since the race, I have recovered from my hacking, keeps-me-up-all-night cough and transitioned to a deep, mucusy cough that feels like it's pulling my lungs upward starting from my diaphram. It's not nearly as annoying as the horrible cough from last week that kept me from sleeping, but it's unattractive, painful, and worrisome. I don't think I've been properly sick in a couple years and now I have a cough for 3 weeks. Fun.

Also worrisome is a sharp pain in my left foot. If I remember correctly (not looking in my archives, I'm just that lazy), I had foot pain after my marathon last year and it went away pretty quickly. That was more of an arch pain, and although it was definitely a shooting pain, it wasn't constant. This one is. I ran 4 miles on the treadmill Monday, swam Tuesday, and ran 2 miles of intervals on Wednesday. It hurt the last 2 days but today is really pronounced, and it hurts just walking around. I had running on the plan for today but if the weather's nice enough, biking might be a good alternative. Time will tell.

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