Monday, December 3, 2012


Last Tuesday-ish I started getting a little cold. Basically no big deal, I sniffled, I was a little tired, end of story. I figured I'd have some chest congestion for a few days and that would be the end of it. Instead, I've regressed back to my 7 year old self who stayed up into the wee hours for nights on end coughing my face off. Friday and Saturday night Nick wasn't home, so I didn't worry about keeping him up, but last night I kicked myself out of bed and slept in the guest room. I got about 3 hours of sleep before waking up coughing, swigging some more nighttime cough syrup, and sleeping for another hour. I seriously considered calling in sick but this month is really busy as it is and I'd rather get some work in. I feel icky. I wish sleep-inducing cough meds worked for more than 3 hours (really, the Tylenol stuff says take every 4 hours... while I appreciate something that won't automatically make me a zombie the next day, I wish it worked for something resembling a full night's sleep).

On the other hand, my abs are ridiculously sore and I haven't worked them out lately so I win everything for getting in a workout just by being ill! Between this and the colon cleanse last week I'll be bikini ready in no time! (/so much sarcasm).

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But really, I'm wearing this dress on Saturday and it currently just barely fits. I need enough room in this thing to drink at least 1 rum and Diet before falling over because I've only eaten air all week. I wouldn't normally even worry about fitting into this dress or looking particularly good but it's SO PRETTY ON. It makes me feel like a goddess. Vanity wins this one.

(from here) So much Spanx are being worn.

 While Nick was busy making money on the weekend so he can take Monday off like a millionaire, I did this:

... that doesn't look like anything at all. What the picture is trying to show how much I cooked on Friday. I have 2 pots of soaking beans, chopped veggies, some lentils cooking away (there's even steam! look!) and spices. And Rubbermaids everywhere because I make 17 servings of everything and then freeze it. I made:

- 36 lentil "meatballs" (but only froze 34 because cooking made me hungry) = 3 meals
- 2 dinners of "Ethiopian" lentil stew from this recipe which was delicious and with a few tweaks I will make it my own. I'm imagining toasted almonds and maybe raisins. Side note: finding that awesome blog, Post Punk Kitchen, definitely means some exciting cooking times ahead. I am anxious to make some new vegan/veggie stuff.
- 10 lentil burgers = 2.5 dinners
- black bean dip for lunches all week
- this Raw Brownie batter (which we just call "chocolate stuff") that does NOT taste good after taste-testing black bean dip. I thought I had screwed up but I am pretty sure it was just residual garlic hanging around. This has been our go-to dessert for months. It's so easy and yummy.
- Kidney beans for... who knows. Something beany. 

I also made time to run 2 of my fingers over the grater while grating ginger, and purchase wedding shoes:

(from here)

 Since we'll be tromping through the snow for our wedding, I needed boots. I toyed with the idea of just wearing snow boots and having the girly dress/bulk shoes dichotomy but decided I'd rather go cute and Victorian and feminine. Just because they manufacture "wedding Uggs" does NOT mean you have to wear them. No.

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