Friday, November 16, 2012

Things I've been called this week

Subtitle: How to irritate me with less than 10 words.

Okay. I should (?) be happy someone thinks I'm skinny. Skinny is good.  But skinny is not how I see myself, and not how I have ever seen myself. This comment was from a very kind woman at work after I asked about the meat content of some chili at a lunch meeting. It had meat in it, so I declined with "I'm a vegetarian, so I'll go grab my own lunch." She said "Oh! A vegetarian! That's why you're so skinny!"

Side note: when I get unexpected comments, I freeze up. I have some social awkwardness issues and when people go off script, i.e. "Hi, how are you?" "Good, and you?" "Good, how's your week going?" *record scratch* I DID NOT SEE THAT QUESTION COMING. Or- this also happened this week- when someone takes my "sign off" after we've been walking together and we're parting ways. I had already decided I was going to say goodbye with "Have a nice night!" and then he totally stole it from me. So he said, have a nice night and I said "Have a nice night! You too!... thanks...?" I got flustered. I cannot speak spontaneously.

Re: the skinny comment. I was equally flustered. My mind started flipping around trying to find something to say... response options included:
"I used to be a fat vegetarian!"
"...something about how cows gain weight and all they eat is grass..."
"I eat a lot actually.. I mean.. I run too..."
"I wish I ate meat sometimes because protein is so filling and it's hard to find satisfying, real food vegetarian protein sources"
"Thanks, but skinny is kind of a loaded term"

WTF, brain? In the end I just mumbled like a loser about eating a lot and being hungry, forgot to say thank you (is skinny a compliment? I don't even know), and walked away to get my own lunch. I know the comment was most likely meant to be complimentary, but instead it made me stumble and act weird and thus be irritated. Lame.

"Lovely Chemistry Girl"
So this one... it's irritating the more I let myself think about it, but the spirit of the comment was nice if I just take it at face value. I had a meeting with someone in my industry early this week who was here performing an inspection. It went well and we got along, and when we left the meeting everyone was happy. During a wrap up meeting with all the site big wigs, the guy I met with referred to me as the "lovely chemistry girl." I blushed and tried to act gracious or somehow normal but instead I got all squirmy and weird. Everyone laughed and I got a couple of congratulatory elbow jabs. Then at the end of the meeting people kept saying "good job!" For... what? I know he meant to say he had a nice time meeting with me, but it still bothers me quite a bit that my industry, which is male-dominated (like... 90/10 male), women can be called "lovely" and everyone will have a chuckle about it. Other part that bothers me: "girl." Ugh. Yes, I'm female. I just with I could have been the "awesome chemistry staff person" but I guess that doesn't sound quite as nice.

Like I said, it only bothers me when I overthink it. He was a nice guy, and he meant well, but my workplace is just frustrating sometimes.

Running: I did 5 miles @ 8:25s last night and it felt mildly hard but good. It was also cold and I was alone on the road and I wanted to be done so I might have kind of rushed to get it over with. I wore a hat, which kept me from freezing, but my head sweated like crazy. I want it to be cold enough to wear gloves and pants so I don't have to play this silly hat/ear warmer game.  I'm whinnnnyyyyyy...

Hi, dimple. Also, look at the cool shirt from Richmond! Tech! Long sleeve! Joy!

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