Monday, November 5, 2012

Taper awesomeness

Or somewhat awesomeness. Subtitles could be: "I am puffy, hear me run" and "Fresh, chunky legs." This whole running less thing didn't bother me much last year, but this year I'm feeling sluggish and bleh. Add in eating some unusual stuff and probably eating a little more than necessary and I am puffy as can be. Ugh. I know this is normal, so I'm just going to deal with it and know my body is doing what it is supposed to do.

In AWESOME taper news- my fresh legs ran a 24:27 5K this weekend, earning me a second place in my age group (out of 9 women in my age group... I'm going to disregard the small sample size and call it a win). Nick got 3rd in his age group and ran 19:17!!! I'm so so proud of him! We were both hoping to break 25 and 20 minutes, respectively, and we did and it felt great. I had forgotten how much of a non-event a 5K is... I felt funky for a while afterwards, especially since it was cold out, but then we went about the rest of our day and didn't have any significant achiness. It was nice. Here's Nick and I being dorks after the race:

Thanks for the picture, Dad!

Then we went and test rode new road bikes. We are looking to upgrade from our sad, old hybrid bikes to something shiny and new. Our local shop deals mainly in Specialized Bikes, and we test rode an aluminum frame and a carbon frame with different components. It looks like we'll be spending a pretty penny on bikes in the near future. Luckily, the accessories like shoes and pedals can wait a little bit. I'm excited for nice, light, efficient bikes. The test-ride experience was marred by strong winds.. we only rode a few miles on each bike but it was KILLER with the headwind. Special bikes only help so much!

Finally, we got to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday this weekend. We took him out to dinner and he got several presents, including a whole day dedicated to him on our local NPR station, WAMU. Neat. 

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