Friday, November 2, 2012

I run, therefore... legs hurt.

Nick and I went out for a 5-miler yesterday. It was beautiful and chilly and I actually wanted to run! I had to take advantage of that. I had a mental plan to keep the miles a little faster than marathon pace, maybe 9:00/mile. The first mile is largely downhill so when I saw 8:16, I worried a little but embraced it. Legs were happy. The next 2 miles were tougher, aruond 8:30, and I made a deal with myself to just keep going to the 5k point and then back off and relax home... then made another deal to relax at 4 miles... then figured, screw it, we can keep this pace. Mile splits were: 8:16, 8:28, 8:34, 8:21 and 8:05. I will take iron through my nose if it lets me run this well. It was also really nice to run outside somewhere with some more interesting terrain than the Rail Trail.

Today, my legs are a tiny bit achy. My left knee has been bugging me in a "runner's knee" way, and that mild pain didn't abate during the run, even post warm-up. Today, it's more bothersome. Today is a rest day and I promise tomorrow's 5K will be the last hard run before the marathon. Promise.

Speaking of marathon, here's what our remaining training plan looks like, tentatively:

Saturday: 5K
Sunday: Either bike ride or rest
Monday: 5 or 6 miles, easy
Tuesday: swim
Wednesday: 4 miles, easy
Thursday: bike or rest
Friday: rest

Saturday: go time!

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