Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How now brown cow?

First, these are the exact words from the weather forecast today:

Mostly cloudy with occasional rain... mainly in the morning.

They used an ellipsis when describing the weather?! Why so non-committal, weather.com?

With marathon #2 completed, what now? I'm riding a major post-marathon high (side note: I don't like talking about myself to my coworkers, some of whom vaguely knew I was running this weekend. Now I just want to interject "Marathon was great THANKS FOR ASKING" into every conversation ever. I'm a delight) and of course want to sign up for another one. I know not every race will be a 47 minute improvement, but I feel right now like I have a lot of potential to improve with some faster, more dedicated training. There are 2 possible races- the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach or the Rock n' Roll DC Marathon, both are in mid-March. However, some complicating factors:

1) Wedding - April 16. We have a lot of planning yet to do and that's another big stressor over the next 5 months. Plus the holidays, travel, etc.

2) Work - I work 60-70 hour weeks from mid-February through mid-March. We're scheduled to be done with the craziness by marathon time, but there are no guarantees. Also, I could be working nights which complicates things. I foresee a lot of treadmill time in my future.

3) Weather - It'll be winter here, or what passes for winter in Southern Maryland. That means early sunsets, rain, and maybe some snow. I guess you sort of can't win since fall marathon = miserable summer training and spring marathon = miserable winter training. Bah.

4) Weight gain - I gain weight during marathon training, even when I'm super thoughtful about my food intake. The hunger monster wants what it wants... which is often ALL THE CARBS and most of the beers. That, combined with #1, is kind of a deadly combo. This girl needs to fit in her wedding dress. I'm not going to be a crazy bride (or am I!?!?) but of course I want to look my best for my wedding. The camera adds 10 lbs and it's just going to be us and a photographer. So if I look like I'm carrying some extra mass from behind the camera lens, that'll be all anyone sees of us. Not an appealing prospect.

5) Training (I know, I wanted it to be another 'w' word too) - this new "training cycle" would start...now. March 16 is 18 weeks out, so I wouldn't have a lot of downtime before needing to really re-focus on regular, longer runs. I know since we're already in marathon shape (I use that loosely, since miles 17-26.2 were clearly not the strongest miles I've ever run) we could handle a little extra downtime, but I'd like to use an actual, official training schedule this time around and see how it carries me. And most of those are 18 weeks.

I'll decide hopefully in the next couple weeks and maybe start ramping up running again. Luckily, it sounds like Nick is on board with running another one so hopefully we can get going and train together again. Or just wait until next fall... hmm.. tempting.

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