Thursday, November 1, 2012

10 day forecast + more strategy

For the marathon last year (according to Weather Underground, uber-detailed weather site), the low temperature was 35 degrees and the high was 55. I wore long sleeves and shorts and hated life until I got in the pack at the starting line and my nerves overcame my chilliness. During the race, I went through a few temperature cycles depending on shade/sweat/breeze This year, it looks like the Richmond forecast is for almost identical weather- "Clear. High of 59F. Winds less than 5 mph." PERFECTION. Thank you, weather gods. Now don't change a thing in the next 9 days or else I'll cry.

I'm still iffy about pacing and such. From Hungry Runner Girl, I found a super cool pace chart here. The tricky thing is, I think 9:30 would be a decent race pace and is within our fitness level. But then we're just 9 minutes away from a 4 hour marathon and we might as well just run a little faster each mile and finish faster. However, the other side of this argument is that it's just 26.2 miles. Bleh. When Nick and I discussed it earlier this week he said "I'm pretty sure we'll have another marathon, so it's not a big deal if we don't hit our time goal right on the nose," which is an excellent point. However, we're placed in Corral 2 based on our projected finish time of 4:00 so the folks around us will be trying for 4 hours and we might as well also?!?! Ahhhh! Decisions!

Ok. Enough freaking out. Final decision time. Also, I know I'm not an elite or anything other than very mediocre, but pacing is still important to me. Running is 99.999% mental for me when my anemia is managed, and having a goal that is manageable but ambitious is necessary for me. During the half I ran with Nick, 2:00 definitely motivated me (as did having my chatty, awesome boyfriend by my side). We'll be in the 4:00 corral. I want to start with the 4:00 bunch and stay with them at least through the first half, then go from there. Of course, if one of us is feeling sick/tired/achy we'll readjust, but that seems reasonable.

I'm getting so excited to run... partly just to get it over with, partly to see what my body is capable of this year, and partly to get to experience this with Nick. 9 days.

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