Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ireland- the teaser

Thoughts on Ireland-
- They don't have alarm clocks in most of the hotel rooms. Why? No idea.
-They use white pepper at most of their tables. White pepper smells like cow manure. Yeah, that makes for a fun morning when you're trying to figure out why your eggs smell like cow. I learned to stop putting pepper on things.
- There was a spider crawling on a bed one of the nights. !!!!! I know this is absolutely not the first spider on a hotel room bed, but it was a first for me. I swear I never considered that there could be a spider in my bed. Despite my best efforts to drink plenty of beer and wine and not care about the spider, it still kept me up.
-Do a race when you're traveling somewhere. I promise. I did a 10K (in 53:04 what whaaaaaaatttt) (my Garmin thought the race was only 5.95 miles though so take the race time with a grain of salt)
-Kayak when you're traveling somewhere. Seriously. Got to see the Kinvara Bay from the warm seat of a kayak. It was my favorite moment of the whole week.

I have wayyyyy more thoughts. And tonnnns of pics. I will update soon. Promise.

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