Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fe and Me

But first- a picture from Ireland:
This is Giant's Causeway, in Northern Ireland. It is probably the coolest place I've ever been. It's truly a geological wonder and it was so cool to go there. We also saw the Cliffs of Moher, which were neat but not nearly as interesting as Giant's Causeway. Go there now. Even 10 days after getting home, I keep starting sentences with "In Ireland..." and probably annoying everyone around me. I had a great time on that trip.

Iron. Anemia. My nemeses (nemesises? boo.). I've been up and down for the last year, and since October 5 I've been taking an insanely high dose of iron, plus a Vitamin C supplement, 2x a day most days. This would seem fine, like I've just returned to my normal dosing schedule from last year, but this dose is far higher than last year's. And it's been making me sort of miserable. I am nauseous after each dose and the Vitamin C gives me wild heartburn. I've been trying to separate iron intake from mealtimes and I think this is making the side effects of the supplements worse.

I know people take meds with wayyyy worse side effects. I know I'm lucky that this deficiency is so treatable (even if we still don't know the cause). But damnit, I hate taking pills twice a day that make me feel icky. Also, if I'm not super careful with keeping my veggie/fiber intake super high (like this weekend and in Ireland), things happen. Bad things. I'll leave it at that. Bonus- the only day the GI doctor could see me was Marathon Eve and I am not getting scoped the day before the marathon, even if it would make me feel all light and cavernous on the day of the race. I enjoy clean intestines as much as the next girl but not eating the day before 26.2 would be the dumbest decision ever. So I don't know when that'll get scheduled- she gave me a date in January but we're trying to find something sooner.

Nick and I biked over the weekend and had grand plans for a good 20some miles and then I got a flat 15 minutes out. We rescued the bike but I wasn't feeling running after that little outing and we were time crunched, so I said screw it. Pretty much a waste of an hour and a half.

And then- swimming breakthrough. Yesterday's 1.5 miles in 45 minutes felt unusually good. I felt strong and happy and sort of wanted to keep going. Let's hope that momentum carries me through 22 miles (last long run) today.

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