Friday, October 5, 2012


I hate having to combine words with anemia. I'm running out of options.

So... flashback to August- I was running great, feeling great. I went to a new hematologist after my current hematologist basically said "keep supplementing till you die of constant nausea." New hematologist said "ignore her. let's try not supplementing. be free of nausea!" Hemoglobin was 12.6 mg/dL, ferritin was 110. Living was easy.

Current day: I've been off supplements for 2 months. I went to the new hematologist again. He says "your blood is like, pale pink. Take 325 mg iron 3x a day... in other words, I'd like your blood oxygen transport to be A+ and your ability to eat to be nonexistent." Hemoglobin is 11.1. Ferritin is 25. I'm apparently bleeding from SOMEWHERE. Now I get to go get scopes stuck in various parts of my body until we figure out where the leak is. Hooray.

I'm frustrated. I strongly suspected that my numbers were below normal, since I had been feeling increasingly crappy the last month or so. He said I might feel some improvement before the marathon since I'm taking ridiculously massive doses of iron (plus delicious Vitamin C chewies. Yum). I'm not excited to be 27 and getting a colonoscopy, but it is what it is.

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