Tuesday, October 30, 2012

11 days + Sandy

Or 10 days? Let's think about this: I'll go to sleep 11 more times before the marathon, but I'll only actually be walking around and doing things for 10 more days. Whatever. It's soon.

Last year, the night before the MCM was spent lounging with Nick, building a fire, and drinking wine and eating ice cream. I want to say it was Twix ice cream. Last night, as Nick built a fire to keep us warm during our power outage, I realized we won't be able to have a pre-race fire/ice cream/wine night since we'll be in a hotel in Richmond. Boo. And Sandy? Although the storm made itself known heartily between yesterday morning and this morning, we were very fortunate. We lost power from 8 pm until sometime during the night. The only really bad part for us was that it got really cold in the house. Nick built a fire in the fireplace that I am hoping the previous owners bought as a joke. It's horribly ugly, plus the screen things on the front don't function well. Whatever. It kept the fire contained. That plus my mom's great suggestion to put sheets over the door let us sleep comfortably in the living room while the rest of the house got chilly. By morning, the heat was back on, the fire was out (we slept with the fire extinguisher nearby) and all was well. Last year, Hurricane Irene tore down LOTS of tree limbs in front of Nick's house. We were cleaning up for weeks and Nick purchased a chainsaw specifically for that storm. It was a mess. This time, there was very debris, and most of it just looks like sticks. Seems like all the weak branches were picked off last year!

11 days. Yesterday I ran 6.5 miles (1/4 marathon!) at a comfortable 9:30. I thought about bumping it up but I was happy where I was. Today I'm thinking Nick and I will brave an outside run, and maybe a swim and a bike later this week. This weekend we've got a 5K that my dad does every year on his birthday. I will continue chasing the elusive sub-25 and I assume Nick will chase that sub-20, but we both need to take it easy-ish to keep our legs fresh. It's getting real, yo.

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