Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This is still happening.

I will continue to spare you a picture of my horrible legs. The poison ivy is still raging. I am still itching myself awkwardly in public and popping a daily Claritin plus cortisone. Nick says that it looks like I'm on the tail end of the itchy part, but I would just like it to be done already. I think it has been 3 weeks. I'm going to need to detox off the claritin at the end of all this.

This week's long run? Has not happened. Saturday was dress shopping while Nick went to the Baltimore Grand Prix. Sunday was errand day (we're painting 2 rooms). Monday was lazy day (I made chili... that's something?). Yesterday was hot/stormy in the afternoon. So today... to the treadmill we go! I'm not really upset that we're pushing our long run to mid-week, because generally my life feels more relaxed during the work week anyways. And weekends... I cannot get over the desire to sleep in. Call me lazy, but this long run is still going to happen, weekend or not.

About dress shopping. I loved all the strapless dresses. Ever. Most of the dresses with straps ended up looking funky and didn't lay right. My favorite dresses were all strapless and I am ashamed of that considering how strongly anti-strapless I was last week. I didn't end up being crazy about lace. Also, even if you give me wine, boring, shapeless dresses are not going to work for me. The only negative about dress shopping is that either the sample size fits me perfectly (awesome) or it is just a wee bit too big. And a wee bit too big means that it looks sloppy and unflattering and I had a hard time getting my head around how those dresses looked. I worry that I wrote some dresses off just because I couldn't envision them fitting me. Oh well.

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