Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Super fast

...this update. Not me. I'm pretty average.

-We primed and/or painted 2 rooms this weekend. It was a lot of fun and I was super pleased until we went to take off the tape and it took the new paint off with it... ugh. When Nick and I are finally on a normal schedule (this weekend we're headed to Baltimore for a conference) we'll fix it. Until then... sadness.

Pre-tape removal

-I failed at the treadmill long run I was aiming for last week. I got 8.5 miles in and felt super terrible, Gu wasn't helping, water wasn't helping. I quit and lifted for a little bit and beat myself up a fair amount. Then the weekend happened:

2 delightful New Belgium concotions in New Belgium glasses my mom got me. Joy in a glass. I felt better about that run.

-We both ran Friday night (I did 7 miles in 1:05). We took the weekend off. We I, the worst running influence in the world, spent time on Friday and Saturday doing house stuff, watching lectures for class, and walked on the treadmill.Relaxing and productive, but not the greatest training. I got called into work on Saturday morning and that screwed up our biking plans. Lame.

-Run redemption. Rundemption. Last night: 16.03 miles in 2:37. 9:48/mile. In comparison, last year in late August I did 12.35 in 2:17. My body and mind are just working so much better this year. Nick and I were tired and achy when we got home, but overall it was really amazing. I felt strong and really never doubted that we would finish.

I know we're not quite 100% on training. I know this. But that long run last night felt so good I can't believe we're doing anything wrong. This year is much less running and much more cross training, like I mentioned last week, and I think that combo is letting me be in ok shape without stressing out my body. So what if we don't break 4 hours? This is Nick's first marathon and last year I ran a 4:5X! I will be happy with whatever happens. We also still have 8.5 more weeks of training, so that's 5.5 weeks before tapering. So much time. I was worried after the failed treadmill long run last week, but I'm not anymore. We're gonna be ok.

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