Wednesday, August 8, 2012


- if your dad says your hair is getting long, it definitely is time for a cut.

-I'm going to start bringing my own tupperware to restaurants so I can be kinder to the environment  and not have to worry about thai food sloshing out of containers on the way home. I cannot decide whether this makes me a weirdo or awesome.

-I stopped taking iron supplements (doctor's orders) and now I'm worried I'm going to keel over at any moment.

-I did the exact same intervals last night as I did 2 weeks ago and easily managed to complete another mile. Maybe no iron is a good thing?

-Nick and I are birdsitting/housesitting for my parents for the week and it's seriously throwing off my game. They don't have a dishwasher so I actually have to do dishes every night? The birds require feeding? The house needs cleaning? This substantially cuts into TV time.

-Re: Tv time- my parents have cable, so we get to watch the Olympics this week!!! What's that? They're over on Sunday? We actually only get 5 days? Oh. Well. Better than nothing?

-I have not been, for the most part, sore or achy during these first few weeks of training. Nick has been sore and achy. I would like to credit my amazing running mechanics and stellar lower body strength, but I think it's actually that he runs a lot harder than me. For example- my hard intervals are the same pace as his slower speed. He's a gazelle, I'm more of a groundhog.

-Since I'm back on the iron rich food train, my meals for the last 5 days have either been lentil or bean based. Lentil lunch, bean dinner. Bean lunch, lentil dinner. My cholesterol is very happy, I'm sure, but my digestive system is grouchy.

-Again with the iron rich food train, I'm obsessing over food timing. Again. Prime example: I forgot to take my calcium chew until after I brushed my teeth, and I did not take it until 8:30am. Well, technically that means I should wait until 10:30 for Cheerios (iron+calcium does not = absorption) but I'm not going to. That's right, I'm defying all nutritional logic because I need to eat breakfast before 10:30 in the morning. Especially since 11 is my normal lunch time. This stuff is tricky.

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