Monday, August 6, 2012

They can't all be winners

I have this silly rule about weekends where I consider them my time to sleep in at all costs and am ok (usually) with wasting the morning in bed. Because I'm "listening to my body" or some nonsense. I used this logic last weekend, not getting out of bed until 10 or so. This weekend, we did the same thing. It was 9:45 before we finally got up and got going. Factor in breakfast, doing dishes, route planning, sunscreen, accesorizing, etc, and it was about 11:45 before Nick and I hit the road for our run. I knew it was hot outside... but I was not expecting this...

It was gross out. Unusually gross. We had 12 miles on the schedule. It was 90 degrees (felt like 95!) when we left. We planned a lovely 6 miles out and then back route, along a road we had run on last week. Rolling hills, good times, right? No. Not good times. Very bad times. My right heel hurt from the very beginning of the run, and stepping outside into the heat and humidity immediately felt bad. I know people run in this type of weather, but I don't! Last weekend's run was far different because it was almost 10 degrees cooler and slightly breezy. This week it was miserable. The soles of my feet were hot from the pavement. The first 4 miles were not fun at all, but they were at a reasonable pace (9:11, 9:20, 9:25, 9:38). At that point I made the decision to turn around, and Nick was on board with that. We ran/walked the 4 miles home and overall the pace for the run was just over 10 min/mile. So... it could have been worse, but at the time it felt incredibly hard.

I decided not to harp on it. Yes, we had 12 miles on the schedule. No, we didn't complete them. Nick actually hopped on the treadmill to complete 1 more mile (he's my hero!), but we still ran less than planned. Oh well. We learned an important lesson: Don't stay up till 11 the night before a long run watching cute animal videos on the internet. Or... maybe a more valuable lesson is to balance sleep and working out? If we had gotten up 2 hours earlier, we would have been running in much cooler weather and maybe would have been able to complete it.

This week has 2 options for how the long run will be executed. Either Saturday morning or Monday afternoon. The pool is closed for 3 weeks of maintenance starting next Monday, so I wanted to get in 2 swims this week. We actually only have 12 miles on the schedule again, which is doable on a week night as well, although week nights tend to be hot. Saturday morning it is!

Monday: swim
Tuesday: speedwork (treadmill)
Wednesday: Bike
Thursday: 6 miles outside
Friday: Swim
Saturday: 12 miles
Sunday: rest

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