Friday, August 31, 2012

So many countdowns

I started the countdown to the wedding yesterday. It is 228 days away. I feel fine about this. It's still a long time from now and we will figure things out...

Other countdowns:
-71 days until the marathon (this seems like a lot? 10 weeks? We just did 14 miles. I feel so much better about training this time!!)
-35 days until Ireland (I am stressing out about this. A lot).

Fun fact: our second-to-last long run before taper is supposed to occur the week we're in Ireland... umm no. I plan on doing a 20-miler the day or week before we leave, and then another 20 (or 22? dream big!) after we get back on Monday, October 15. Still a full 3 week taper, but with a rest week thrown in before the last long run. I think it'll work.

About the wedding, we have officially started paying for the ceremony, and have purchased plane tickets and our rental vehicle for when we're in New Zealand. The only other things are:
-all of my attire
-some add-ons for Nick
-wedding bands (nervous about this)
-activities for when we're in New Zealand

I'm starting the dress search this weekend with 3 appointments on Saturday. 3! I'm going to be so so sick of dresses. And I have to wear Spanx and a strapless bra all day? Pretty much torture. The 3 appointments are at Nordstrom (too expensive), Nicole Miller (probably too expensive) and David's Bridal (much more reasonable but meh). Nick doesn't want any spoilers, so here's a picture of a dress I DON'T want:

(source- Nicole Miller dress)

No hate for girls who do like strapless, but Slate even did an article specifically about how unflattering these dresses often are. I think all but the thinnest women have that armpit/arm/chest intersection of fat. In addition, who wants to spend all day standing, sitting, and dancing in something that's not designed to stay on your body? I know, I know, they build in corsets that make it stay up, but I don't believe that for a second. Maybe I'll be a believer after I try some on, but I'm thinking I'll stay away from this style altogether.

What I do like: lace, A-line, straps (but not sleeves), sheaths, etc. If we end up having a reception at home, I would like to be able to wear the dress again but that is not a requirement, and depends on whether we have a formal reception.

One final countdown:
1 million days until I am free of poison ivy. Or so it seems. I've debated putting a picture of my awful legs up here but decided against it. I'm taking Claritin every night and putting on cortisone cream most days, but it's still intensely itchy. A bonus is that my fingernails are long right now, so I can lightly graze/itch and not dig into my legs too much. I just want it to go away. Boo.

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