Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One year later.

Last year on 8/24 I did 12.3 miles and apparently it totally sucked and I walked a bunch. On 9/15 I did 16.5 and there was more walking. Last night I (we) did 14 at a 9:48 pace. What's the difference between this year and last that we're just about 4 weeks ahead of last year as far as training goes? Here's some thoughts:

-Iron. Obviously. I haven't taken supplements in about a month and I think I'm maybe sort of still at an ok level. I don't think I'm much more fatigued than I was when I was still supplementing, plus the run last night was really not painful at all (run notes: started around 4 pm. Ran the first 2 hours @ 6.1, then the last 1.8 miles @ 6.6 just to get it over with. Gu at miles 4, 8 and 12, Gatorade at 2, 6, and 10). I'm going back to the doctor the first week in October to get tested again and although I wouldn't be surprised if my levels have dropped some, I am pretty sure I'm still at least in the normal range.

-Life in general is somewhat calmer. I live with Nick so I'm not splitting my time between 2 houses. I'm comfortable at work. Most of my weekends are still scheduled to death but there's some gaps that let me breathe.

-Better, more consistent training. We missed one week because of crazy work stuff, but other than that we've done long runs of 8, 10, 8, 10, 12, and now 14. They might not have all been separated by exactly 7 days, but they've happened.

-Hydrating and fueling. Consistent hydration that mirrors what we'll have during the race not only helps me mentally now ("Yay I get Gatorade in a half mile!") but it also will help later. I hope.

-Cross training. Bike riding is not only a blast, it is a good workout. Going out and riding steady for an hour or more is still working my heart and lungs for an hour and keeping my legs strong without pounding on them. Swimming is hard and although the workouts are a bit shorter, they're still great and keep me moving.

-Nick. I would not be here without him. He ignores my complaints and excuses without making me feel ignored. He runs by my side but doesn't push me any faster than I want to go. He smiles at me and high fives me and reminds me we're doing something fun. I have never ever enjoyed running with anyone before him. Having my future husband (!!!!) by my side makes this whole thing so much better. We are in this together and we're going to own the marathon together.

After that ridiculous sappiness, here's something to dry your tears. I look like this:

I have the worst poison ivy covering my legs. When I go to try on wedding dresses this weekend, I am very concerned she's going to think I'm contagious and ask me to leave. Ugh. I've been taking Claritin before bed just so I can sleep soundly, but it makes me feel fuzzy in the morning. Sigh.

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