Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Maybe I should stop making things up...

Last week's interval training was ridiculous and killed me (in a good way)- treadmill "hill" and speed segments that were the same length. This week I wanted to try something different. I used 6.0 as my slow speed and then did segments at 8.0 for 0.1, 0.1 @ 6, 0.11 @ 8, 0.1 @ 6, 0.12 @ 8 etc. lengthening the segments to 0.24. So I did 14 speed intervals and 15 slow ones. That came out to total 2.55 miles @ 8.0 and 1.5 @ 6.0. I think. This was a mentally tricky workout because I had to keep track of when the next segment stopped and how long the next interval was. It kept me on my toes. However, when I was done, I was... unimpressed. 4.3 miles in 37 minutes is fast (for me), but I wasn't totally exhausted, which is my goal when I'm done with intervals. I've still got to figure out the whole speed/distance ratio that challenges me.

Then 40 minutes later I went downstairs and Nick had just run a 6 minute mile. No big deal. I'm jealous of him and his gazelle legs!

Another semi-success of the night was my approximation of pomodoro sauce. This was just barely harder than opening a jar of regular sauce, and it still turned out pretty well, especially for a first try. A coworker has a veggie garden and he has an abundance of tomatoes this time of year. I got 4 of them, diced an onion and I think 5 cloves of garlic. I sauteed the garlic and onion in a generous amount of olive oil, added a bunch of dried basil and Italian seasoning, then added the rougly chopped tomatoes. Everything cooked for 15 minutes or so until the tomatoes were soft and things started to combine a little. It turned out yummy, but needed salt. Next time, I'd love to use fresh herbs, maybe more garlic, and maybe add something else like red pepper flakes for some interest. And salt.

Tonight, we ride! (our bikes)

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