Monday, July 16, 2012

Who I want to be when I grow up...

mmm. foot pictures.

On Saturday morning Nick and I went for a little walk. It was just supposed to be a couple miles out to the beach, turn around, come home and head out and start our day. Instead, I slipped on a wooden plank and turned my ankle. At the time, it hurt. A lot. But walking didn't make it hurt any worse so I powered through. We went to a party and drank and swam and then on Sunday morning I woke up to my foot looking like that. Swolen and purple. It is less purple today but still achy. I just feel dumb for doing something so simple and screwing up my foot. Last year during marathon training I was constantly terrified I'd do something like this, and I never really did. This year, 1 week in (or no weeks, considering we missed our long run so I'm calling last week "Week 0"), I just jump right in and injure myself. Dumb. We're swimming today so that'll be a nice rest for it, hopefully. And then maybe triumphantly return to running on Tuesday?

My car is such a trooper.

Driving home was pretty stressful... I had no idea how far my back end stuck out.

Pretty kayaks in the garage.

On Saturday morning, we owned 0 kayaks and 0 roof racks. On Sunday at 2 pm, we had 2 kayaks on our newly installed roof rack. Bye bye, 2 grand. Hello, paddling! We found the kayaks on Craigslist and after some light Googling, took the plunge. The folks we were buying them from were super nice over the phone. The wife said they were selling the boats because they just had "so many hobbies." She sounded a little older, but mentioned how they love biking and walking the dogs. In general, it was a very promising phone call, especially since Craigslist interactions have the potential to be super crappy sometimes. We planned on picking them up on Sunday at 1pm... 70 minutes from home. That meant assembling a roof rack and Kayak holder (Thule Kayak Stacker. Neato), getting gas and coffee and driving a good distance to an unfamiliar area. There was some stress. Surprisingly, we got the roof rack on fairly painlessly and drove up the road without it falling off.

The kayak sellers were just as awesome as they sounded on the phone. They were older, active people with at least 3 awesome road bikes in their garage. The wife was an exercise physiologist and we talked about running and marathons and I basically wanted to adopt them to be my grandparents. So cool. They helped us load up the kayaks on the rack and tie them down, a process that took about 40 minutes. All in all, it was a great experience. We were going to take them out right after we got home but there was a threat of rain. I can't wait to see how they handle!

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